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The Hp laptop Jenny has been using for children's meetings took a tumble. It refused to boot.  Ron carefully examined and did all he could to make it work. Big brother was watching on the couch with his hand in a cast. He had just come home from the hospital after surgery for an aneurysm. Big brother could fix anything but he said it was hopeless.

Jenny shed tears as she heard her daddy say the laptop was dead. It had zero on it. It was now garbage. There were no funds available for any new equipment.

I took the computer and placed my hands on it and asked God to heal it. He had done this at other times for other equipment. He could do it. It was time to go on a mission and that laptop had been prepared for a nice series of children's meetings. The fountain of tears increased and the moans from her lips were hard for a momma to bear. I laid my hands on the laptop and prayed. Nothing happened.

God can do anything.

Jenny took the laptop into the prayer room and simply told God that He did not give her the laptop and projector for nothing.





  “I have seen the tender love that God has for His people, and it is very great. I saw angels over the saints with their wings spread about them. Each saint had an attending angel. If the saints wept through discouragement, or were in danger, the angels that ever attended them would fly quickly upward to carry the tidings, and the angels in the city would cease to sing.” CET 97

  Jenny’s tears and discouragement stopped heaven’s music. God was waiting to show Himself strong. He had to wait till it was realized that the problem was too big and totally impossible for us. He was waiting for a statement from Jenny. He did not heal it when mom prayed. He wanted to hear from Jenny too. He wanted to show her something about His love for her. She must have her story to tell of His directly answering her.


  Daddy closed the laptop gently and held it momentarily. Jenny took it and left the room going to the prayer room. She knelt down and reminded God of some things. She told Him she believed He had not given her the new thousand-dollar graphics projector for nothing. Then she said she was sure He had not given her the dream for nothing. That dream was of hundreds of children crying because they did not get a Bible lesson in Mexico. Also she reminded Him of the dream He gave her where she saw all those hundreds of children coming to meetings. She reminded God that He did not have her Uncle Jack donate the laptop to “Feed My Lamb’s Ministry” for nothing.  Then she submitted her plans of being the child evangelist saying that she guessed He wanted her to be helping mom who was planning to do the adult evangelism. She reminded God that her set of doctrine presentations with Bible stories illustrating each of the commandments were wiped off her laptop. She could not go without a Bible message. She thanked Him and got up off her knees. I can imagine God giving the command right in the middle of her prayer. He says He will answer even before we call. I imagine heaven began to sing as they heard her prayer and saw God act before she said “AMEN”.

Isaiah 65:24   “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”

“But if the saints fixed their eyes upon the prize before them, and glorified God by praising Him, then the angels would bear the glad tidings to the city, and the angels in the city would touch their golden harps and sing with a loud voice, "Alleluia!" and the heavenly arches would ring with their lovely songs.” {CET 97.1}*

 Jenny headed into the living room with a determined look on her face. She plugged in the computer and pressed the “power” button. Instantly the computer booted up windows and Jenny squealed out her thanks.  There was silence of respect and awe, as all knew a definite miracle had happened in our home. Jenny said she saw some long stares at the laptop from brothers. Another precious evidence of God’s power is stored in the hearts of our family. We praise God.

  This miracle confirms in our hearts that God is leading in Mexico mission plans for November 24.

Remembering the little boy who gave his lunch to Jesus and watched as it multiplied in the hands of Jesus? Jenny trusts God will provide all the mission needs for her children’s meetings. One thousand Spanish Bible lesson sets for children have been printed. She has collected many items for quiz prizes.

We use what we have and move forward in faith sharing the message of Jesus who died so we could live.

“New light and power will be given them as they use what they have. 5T 369*

The means in our possession may not seem to be sufficient for the work; but if we will move forward in faith, believing in the all-sufficient power of God, abundant resources will open before us. If the work be of God, He Himself will provide the means for its accomplishment. He will reward honest, simple reliance upon Him.

The little that is wisely and economically used in the service of the Lord of heaven will increase in the very act of imparting. In the hand of Christ the small supply of food remained undiminished until the famished multitude were satisfied. If we go to the Source of all strength, with our hands of faith outstretched to receive, we shall be sustained in our work, even under the most forbidding circumstances, and shall be enabled to give to others the bread of life.”  {DA 371.1} Desire of Ages by Ellen White

Praise God from WHOM all blessings flow! “Man's extremities are God's opportunities”. God has shown Himself strong to us.

Pray for: fulfillment of the Proverbs 3:6 promise and “ that God will baptize His chosen ambassadors in mission fields with a rich measure of His Spirit. The presence of the Spirit with God's workers will give the proclamation of truth a power that not all the honor or glory of the world could give.  {AA 50.2}…The Spirit furnishes the strength that sustains striving, wrestling souls in every emergency, amidst the hatred of the world, and the realization of their own failures and mistakes. In sorrow and affliction, when the outlook seems dark and the future perplexing, and we feel helpless and alone,--these are the times when, in answer to the prayer of faith, the Holy Spirit brings comfort to the heart.  {AA 51.1}