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Years ago  1990 I was grieving over the loss of my baby Jerry. I did not see any reason to keep going. I had three little boys to raise but I had no desire to keep traveling on the journey of life. The dark valley I walked had a temptation to end it all. The following song helped change my mind. It was on a video a friend loaned to keep the boys quiet during my grief. 


My Hands Are the Lord's Hands

Without me How Can His Work Be done

I will reach where he would reach

loving kindness in my touch

I will be His healing hands to everyone

my feet are the Lord's feet

without me how can He walk with the poor

i will go where He would go

blessing others as I do

for Him I will walk where I'd never walked before

help me lord let me give to my neighbor

help me lord, let me give so my neighbor will know that you are

what you would give if you were here.

so they'll know that you are always near.

My mouth is the Lord's mouth

without me how can His voice be heard.

I will say what He would say

speaking love and life each day

And everyone who is near will hear His words.

Jesus devoted more of His time to healing than preaching. We like to copy His example. He promises that there will be no eclipse of the message or hindering of its progress if we work His way.

So many interesting people present for different needs in clinics. They all come at once instead of setting up appointments. This way I can hopefully look over those waiting and decide which are the most acute cases and see them first. Some cannot wait all day. If it rains, the line shrinks real fast. 

I pray for supernatural assistance to make it through all who need to see me and that I will have wisdom.

One village near Guerrero that I offered a clinic in, had all the people sitting down with a system of knowing who was first. There was a nurse who was suffering from Parkinsonism yet she spent the whole day doing blood pressures on each one waiting to see doctor. She provided a bowl of clean water, and soap for washing hands between patients. She watched me so closely to provide things like flash light batteries for my light to see in the mouth of patients. She sent people on errands to get the things I needed. This clinic had enough kind helpers to make one of the most successful clinics. Those in that clinic came in the bus I rented for  the meetings each evening. This gave hope to those who could not sit in the sun for hours to see me. There was the most faithful attendance from this village to the meetings. 

Some things were impossible for me to know what they were without a biopsy. Every day we held clinic in a different village.

One village had a man in charge of the church who resisted the clinic plans. He said he did not have enough warning. The pastor asked for the church key and sheets were hung nearby in the trees for making a place to examine patients. There was a school nearby. The pastor told the mothers who had brought their children to school. Word spread and soon we had plenty of patients. This clinic service made the Adventist presence in that village a positive thing.

A man with a bicycle was sent to bring a patient in that could not walk. Another time Lloyd went to town to buy an item we needed. The bicycle carrier was happy to serve the clinic that day.

Jenny had fun giving clothes to children of those who came to clinic. This inspired confidence and attracted more mothers to come and try out the services. Some villages did not need this service as there were already more than 70 waiting when we came.

God has taught us about a remedy that has been extremely helpful in these clinics. The satisfaction is immediate.  It helps inflammation of the digestion system. Those who complain of inflammation in knees, infected ulcers and fevers have remarkable recovery with its use. I have even seen recovery from tetanus in its end stages in a two year old boy. After applying this, we pray and God works. This remedy is activated charcoal. Every clinic is a health teaching opportunity in promoting the eight natural remedies and in giving out charcoal and instructing on its use.