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With the pathfinder group, we entered a cave. All were excitedly enjoying the venture when the electricity went out. The dark cave was soon lit with  couple of flashlights which soon died. We stood still one step in the wrong direction could cost our lives.. We remembered the deep cliffs we had passed. We had thrown rocks down and timed how long it took to splash in the water below. We knew that  we were in extreme danger and would never return to our vehicle alive if God did not do something.
One of our friends began crawling his way out for help. He left his little wife and baby daughter alone with us in the dark.
We sang and imagined all sorts of things. We depended on each other to help guide when Javier returned with his little light. Slowly we inched our way along making sure the ones behind us knew where the danger spots were. After the last one was safely out of the cave, Ron and I had enough of spelunking. The adventure was more than we had bargained for. Everyone was filthy for we had hugged the rocks and made sure we were on the path whether it took crawling or walking on knees.