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Paralyzing Back Pain

I am Hanging onto the promise: “supernatural assistance that will enable them in their weakness to do the deeds of Omnipotence.”

“infallible success” (RH March 15, 1898)

Fear not, they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” 2 Ki 6:16


As we left the pretty motel New York, I bent to unhook the little trailer to get out of the little courtyard. I turned wrong and my back went out. The men helping with the trailer tried to help me get into the pickup. It was very difficult. Once in the drivers seat I wondered how I could utilize the brake and gas pedal for the 1000 miles ahead. I determined Satan would not turn me back. In faith I would go on. The next inspection site we were questioned carefully. I could not get out of the pickup. I was in so much pain. He urged me to see a ‘Medic”. I hoped with time it would subside. I recalled the time I was getting ready for Mexico in 2001 when at prayer meeting in Birdi Rasmussen’s home hands were placed on me and the pain left. The kids prayed for me and I prayed but the pain continued. I surrendered my right to have a healthy pain free back. I cried out to God.  All day I thanked him I had made it through minute by minute of the day driving over rough roads, using the brake often. Each jar and jolt from the uneven roads was terribly painful. I had sweaters tucked behind my back in efforts to support the back and it helped for a few minutes.


  Following signs to CD Victoria we did well on  hwy 101. We were allowed speeds of 65 and the road was good. Then following signs to Tampico we found it much narrower and slower. Then signs to Posa Rico led us to a nice express where we could go 110 kilometers/hour.  We whizzed right on past Posa Rica not recognizing alternate names. It was dark the Sabbath had begun. I could not stop in the dark in the rain for overnight. We were on the way to VeraCruz disappointed that we were not in the planned motel prior to Sabbath. We had tried in Tuxpan but did not find one we could fit in with pickup and little utility trailer. A kind police man directed us to Posa Rica and assured us nice accommodations just 15 minutes away. Well, the 15 minutes turned into 2 hours and still we had 2 hours to VeraCruz. In the dark I followed a real slow truck to make sure he had cleared the road for me and to make sure I stayed on pavement and not tumbling in the dark over a cliff. There was a light rain and I was in terrible pain. I kept praying.

I recalled all the road slides I had seen.

   I thanked God for the truck ahead of me. I found a wide spot in a little village and we prayed and discussed our emergency then we entered a nearby motel. Darkness overtook us and we stopped  after struggling to see the road Friday night about 8pm. 

We stopped at Hotel Sarita for there was a wide spot in the road at that point. The wide spot was seen before I realized there was a motel there. I thanked God. It was His plan we were to stay there for He had sharing for us to do.


We stopped by this place on the way back through and discovered some gift shops that were not open at all 2 months before.

We were tempted just to sleep a little in the pick up and then drive on because it was Friday night. We had planned to stop before Sabbath but missed our exit. Kyle said he would stay awake and watch for trouble. We needed restrooms. The pain in my back was so bad it was hard to breathe. We decided it was necessary emergency to get a hotel room on the Sabbath. It had no  phone. There were no internet options. I tried to turn the truck and trailer about in their little courtyard that had 3 or 4 trees in the wrong places. It was tricky so we disconnected the trailer. This time I did not help. He had 4 guys doing it because he did not want his back in the shape mine was. The boys were laughing at how easy it was and they ran about the courtyard saying they were horses or donkeys pulling a little cart. In the process one of the chain guards was lost in the sand. The owner felt so bad, he took a rake and hunted for some time. The next day he hunted for and bought another to replace it. He has secured the trailer carefully.  We found this to be a nicely guarded Hotel. The owner is real friendly. We stayed on for Sabbath night and some loud raucous music and chanting went on till 3 AM. Those wild ones must be exhausted. Thank God they quit. I got up and prayed they would run out of energy or the power would fail. Wow, what a relief when it quit.