Mayan History

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Historically the land about Villahermosa used to be inhabited by the Mayan Indians prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. When the Spaniards arrived they found empty palaces and pyramids. What caused the places to be vacated is uncertain. Today are many Indians mixed in with the Spanish blood. Several tribes live in the mountains speaking their own Indian dialects. They come to the city to sell produce or wares. They also sometimes come for celebration times. They seem to be happy people, always singing and seeing the fun side of life.
 There are stones where people go to worship the ancient gods. One big hole in the ground was like a well. It was called the well of sacrifice. If you fell in, you could never get out. This is where the Mayan Indians used to throw their sacrifices to appease the heathen gods. The poor beautiful girls could not ever get out. They had heavy jewelry of gold about their necks and they were thrown in as a gift to the gods. They did not know God in heaven. God does not approve of human sacrifices. He created all equal and each is precious no matter if they are wealthy or poor, pretty or ugly. He has gone to prepare a place in heaven for those who believe in Him and love and obey Him.
  Mexico is one of the fastest growing economic nations but it's population is also growing fast. One woman rushed into the hospital in Villahermosa where we were nursing. She barely made it into a bed in time to have her twenty fifth baby. That is right 25 babies. She was there a total of one hour. After the baby wa cleaned up and wrapped up in the little rags they handed me, the mama left . At home 18 living brothers and sisters awaited the new arrival. Infant mortality rate is very high. Only 19 of her 25 were alive.
  Another woman while giving her medical history at the clinic stated that she had had 40 pregnancies, 16 abortions, and 24 children.   Having children is a big goal and achievement of status for a woman. Many came to clinic to have their babies. They did not do it inside the hospital. It was not uncommon to have absolutely no prenatal care.
  Illiteracy is very prevalent in the area where we were. It was not hard to find adults who could not read. In fact, it was very common. Those who make it into the schools usually attend fewer years than the average American. Many of the nurse helpers have only a second grade education. A few had more.
  Because of the lack of education, there was a big lack of a working knowledge of germs and how they grow. One Registered Nurse wanted to close up a room after a woman died of an unknown cause. This male nurse felt he could kill germs by shutting door, window, curtains and all for 3 days. Then he was sure the room would be ready for a new patient to use the room.
  You cannot blame them for with no education, they could not realize that by shutting up the room, they were making all the germs grow in the nice warm, moist, and  dark air. They had made millions of new germs ready to attack the new patient. You cannot blame these dear helpful people when you realize their floors are of dirt. Millions of bacteria lurk everywhere waiting for opportunity to make them all sick. It seems God  has protected them with a great immune system.