Mexico Mssion 2003

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While preparing to leave for this mission in Southern Mexico in the state of Chiapas, several things happened which helped us believe God was in this project and its plans. When we met with disaster, God had solutions. God never left us or forsook us. He promised that in Mathew 28:20. He asked us to go share the gospel in all the world. He specially called Dr. Rose in a dream three nights in a row in 1992. She believes Jesus is coming soon. The truth burns within her heart. She cannot keep quiet about God's love..

Miracle of Sheep Transport

Snow problems complicated the Mexico Mission Departure Nov. 2003

by Dr. Rose

  In August of 2004, the sheep were breaking out of their sheep pen every day. We were trying to make the pen larger and they found where we had not tightened things up well. Round and round we went for 4 hours trying to get them back into the pen. They just headed the wrong direction always choosing the opposite of what we wanted. Exhausted, we stopped to catch our breath and come up with a better plan to capture them. Up to this time they have been quite content to stay in their pen. But a couple of days with no alfalfa and they see the green grass out in the field as much better than they have inside. It is a real trial to get them to go where we want them. Because of this wild chase every day this week, it became quite obvious that our miracle of November was very special.

  Now I know that our miracle last November was quite significant. These sheep just do not round up easy.  I must tell you about that miracle.

  While we were out purchasing the last items on the list for the mission work, Dr. Ron slipped and broke his ankle in three places. It was called a trimaleolar fracture. The snow was too deep for the car to get up the driveway. He crawled  in the snow for over an hour to reach the car and drive himself to the emergency room at the hospital. He was immediately prepared for surgery. By midnight he was over that hurdle and into recovery phase. He had a permanent metal plate and screws in place inside his leg. He had to arrange other doctors to take his work load and rest. This changed the mission plans a little. He was going to water and feed the animals but now could not even get around in the snow on crutches. He needed to move in with his parents till he could get around easier.

  The sheep needed a home. Kind friends offered to care for them if we could get them over to their barn. The snow was coming down so heavy it was impossible to see the road. We had just a few hours remaining before our plane would depart for Mexico. The sheep are afraid of any vehicle, especially the car. That is all that would operate in the snow. Our impossible situations are an opportunity for God to do something big.

  We asked God to lead the animals into the "ark" like He had done for Noah. There is no way we could chase these animals weighing 150 pounds into the car. We opened the gate and prayed as we helplessly watched. To have these animals moved takes  2 strong men weighing over 160 pounds. They attach 2 ropes and hang on tight. We had no men who could do this.  In surprise, we watched as  Molly ran for the car all by herself. It was about 300 feet away on the driveway. The snow was about 2 feet deep. She looked inside the car and then started to run away. Patches, the cocker Spaniel, crouched in her path. The large sheep then turned and allowed us to help her inside. She and her lamb and the bird were soon on the way over to our friend's home. Driving the 30 minute distance was complicated by blowing snow whiting out visibility. Again we prayed. He blessed us and slowly we made it. We thanked God for the safe arrival.

When we needed them out, we prayed and lured them with grain. They were soon safely into the barn and settled for the time we would be on our mission trip.

As we returned to do our final packing, we could not see the road. The snow was blowing and all was too white to see. Again we prayed for help and God helped us by slowing down the wind till we could see.

Patches, the dog, was still not situated and the kind friends who helped us to the airport took care of him till we returned.  God cares about our animals. He created them for our enjoyment. Why should He not care about their lives when He calls us to work for Him in another country?