Computer Falls

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Tho He falls, he shall not be utterly cast down, trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.  Prov. 3:5-6

The new Toshiba of 6 months was overheating and the cooling fan was not working well. Frantically between clinic and meetings, we were trying to back up all powerpoint programs, video clips, and graphics. Time was of the essence for we did not know when it all would freeze up. Another laptop almost identical to ours was loaned to us. It did not have installed the programs we needed to operate powerpoint and operate the DVD. Daily we were praying for God to help in this emergency. There was an urgent notice on the computer that it must be shut off until it could be serviced.

Up in that jungle village in the Mexico state of Chiapas, there was not even a faint hope of getting service. Furthermore, we expected not to be able to get things worked on till we could get home to the United States. We were instructed by the computer to shut it down till it could be serviced. We prayed and kept working. Night after night, my 3d artist son looked with anxiety as I continued to use the much needed equipment. He was afraid all his work would be cremated. We had reason to believe all our programs would be lost.

After many prayers and keeping on doing programs in faith, it began to operate without any warnings. Perhaps one of the sons turned  the warning system off. Then it happened. The thing all computer owners fear. One grinning little child reached out to help the missionary get set up. While she was finishing eating supper, Dr. Rose saw the computer whisked away by a little child not much bigger than the bag. The weight surprised the little one and they tumbled into the street on top of the computer. Trying not to frighten the child who only wanted to help, I prayed God would cushion HIS equipment somehow and perform another miracle so we could operate that night.

I saw both of our laptop computers fall onto cement street  making quite a clatter. When a laptop hits the floor the shock is too much and it usually never works again. The little eight year old jumped up, grabbed the computer bag containing both computers and continued on towards the church. He plunked it down in front of the locked meeting doors. This second jar was enough to finish off any damage not done by the fall in the street. How we prayed for God to do something big for us!

As we started up the equipment for the presentations, we were thrilled that everything worked correctly. I see God as a very tender Friend always ready to help before we even ask. Perhaps He had His hand cushioning the fall of the laptops. He saw the sweet willing heart of this child and knew if the equipment would break, this child might never trust Him again or even try to help.

We had dedicated all our laptops and projectors to God. He takes good care of His things.