Clinic Notes


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Dr. Rose enjoys doing free medical clinics. 

People came for free medical clinics and some came early but had to wait their turn. Spanish Bible stories were playing on the cassette player for those who sat in line. They also love to visit among themselves. It did not seem they were angry about the wait. Jenny smiled at each one and took their blood pressure, temperature and pulse. Each was given their little paper with this information on. Besides this, they were given a beautiful picture poster size of the ten commandments. Jenny monitored soaking therapy and scrubbed the ulcer patients.

Often ladies from the church would come and bring supplies we needed like water for treatments. They made sure we had three very delicious meals a day. What a great team!

One elderly lady came with a very painful ulcer on her leg. Varicosities were extremely common in this village. They were so extreme, Dr. Rose began to wonder if parasites participated in the cause of this suffering. This lady was septic. In spite of the unbearable heat of the day, she was shivering and very weak. Being a widow with no teeth, she was obviously undernourished. In her poverty she also could not seek medical care in the local hospital. We quickly warmed up water, put in 4 Tablespoons of activated powdered charcoal and in went the infected extremity. She was wrapped up in the sheet off the exam table. For an hour she shivered and looked so miserable. With a faint smile on her face she promised to return the next day. For three weeks she was treated daily. After 7 days, she had a big happy smile and was telling everyone she met. We noticed she had a spring in her step as this little lady practically ran up the street to her home on the hill. She said she had been hurting with this ulcer for 35 years. She was shown how to make her own charcoal and keep on with therapy after we left.

One elderly widow lady needed surgery for a female problem. We were blessed with having the funds donated so we could cover half of her surgery. She gathered her children and they helped her with the rest of the funds. The local Adventist doc did the surgery. We were thrilled at the comments of this little Catholic family. They could not imagine why we cared about their poor mother. They said they were going to visit our church and see why we were so loving. The Adventist church in Tecpatan have a group of very kind, helpful and friendly ladies. They were very supportive to this little patient Rosa. The family were very grateful for the care they received. 


An urgent request for prayer came from an old man who was a deacon in the church. he was short of breath and his heart was not working well. It looked like he could die that very moment. After giving counsel, we prayed with the man. It appeared he had congestive heart failure.


Sometimes the suffering was mental. One dear woman was ready to give up because her husband beat her so much. Weapons were suggested for her to try like singing in the home, making special meals, and pouring on love and forgiveness. We prayed together. When she left, there was hope in her eyes of something new she was going to try to bring peace into her home. She was given some bright vitamin pills so her husband waiting outside would not suspect the subject of our conversation.

Of the two  hundred patients it seemed the majority of needs seen in the clinic had battles with parasites and thyroid problems. Antibiotic, anti parasite medications, equipment supplies were made possible by generous contributions of Dr. Ron and Dr. Dale Roberton. We praise God for He always provides everything we need in doing His work.