Her First Evangelistic Series

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Jesus said, "Let the children come unto me" Mathew 19:14 "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. "

Feed My Lambs. John 21:15

  There is a sweet uninhibited interest found in children's meetings. They love to sing, study, and come to meeting on the run. The evidence of the Holy Spirit's presence is noted when they show gratitude and love to help in anyway they can. It is really fun to teach them the Scripture songs and watch their excitement during the daily quiz testing what they heard. They diligently take notes every meeting so they can get a stack of prizes from America. Their squeals and joy are contagious. It is amazing how many chapters in the Bible they easily memorize for a little calculator or set of color markers.  

The programs always start with nature object lessons. It is really fun because the children are always curious about the world about them. You can catch their interest quickly with a nature story. You can get them to listen with nature when they might not listen to a Bible story. Once you have their interest in the nature story, you quickly weave in the Bible truth and they hear it before they realize the topic has changed to Bible.

  Since 1984  Dr. Rose has enjoyed teaching children about God's love. Colorful backdrops of heaven and the sanctuary walk through model help keep the interest. In 1992, she began illustrating a color book containing the essential truths fundamental to salvation. Not considering herself an artist, she prayed for help. Each artist she contacted wanted too much for each sketch. It would have cost 10,000 dollars to do the project. She did not have it but did believe Jesus would help with His hand on hers. One night, when Jenny was one years old, Dr. Rose was quietly drawing up a picture to interest children in theme of heaven. The duck looked too sick to live in heaven. Discouragement overwhelmed all efforts to continue. The next morning at the swimming pool was a live duck who stayed three months till the project was completed and then she was gone. There is nothing too hard for the Lord. Jer. 32:17

These Children's Bible lessons are on web larombible.com.  They are called "Basic Bible". These have been utilized all over the world. They are translated into Spanish, Russian, Iban and other languages are being worked on. Young Jenny began teaching these lessons in India at the beginning of each of her mother's adult meetings.

She is utilizing the laptop given by Uncle Jack and holding her own series of meetings for the children. Children's Bible lesson Books are given out and the children are taught to sing 40 Scripture songs.

She loves telling the stories of the Bible on themes of God's love and how the 10 commandments describe His character. By obeying this law, we demonstrate our desire to think like and love like God does.

God is using this to open hearts for the kingdom.

All work is done on a volunteer basis. Each lesson book costs 6-7 dollars to print depending on quantity ordered. Many times we are on our knees praying for God to move on the hearts of HIS friends to provide materials and airline transport. God provides from unexpected generous hands. Sometimes these surprises come while Jenny is purchasing supplies. Bibles are purchased with money Jenny raises by baking and selling honey sweetened deserts. God is blessing.