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The crunching noise as the car backed up in the driveway sent a sick feeling to my stomach. My husband at the wheel said, "What was that?" Like a flash I thought of my daughter who had run out to put all equipment into the car. The six thousand dollar projector and laptop had been set at the back of the car as she scurried in to get the keys. We were running a bit late and in a hurry to get to church. 

 Returning with the keys, she was smiling at her dad and forgot all about what was behind the car. We all piled in thinking all things were ready for the twenty five mile journey. The horrible crunching sounds put my husband in a little panic when he heard my statement that it must be the projector. Without thinking, he put the car out of reverse and into drive thus returning over the top of the projector. The tears could not be held back. We all piled out to examine how many pieces there were. It was all miraculously in one piece without even a scratch on the lens or a broken bulb. Bulbs cost five hundred to replace. With a prayer of gratitude, we looked about for any other items behind the car. Seeing nothing we piled inside and backed up again. After 10 feet the car was put into forward to go down the driveway. There was a horrible sound and a bumping as we went over something with the tire. Looking behind us, we noticed the laptop bag.

I could not hold back the tears. We all piled out and grieved. Jenny was sobbing, I was thinking all my sermons were gone. The back of the computer was shredded, the casing frame was bent in several areas and the screen was all shattered. We did not have funds for replacing this and there were mission trips coming up without equipment that was working. We almost did not go to church. We just kept crying all the way to Spokane. During the sermon, the smallest thing caused more tears.

When the computer was plugged in, it was discovered it still worked. It just needed to be plugged into a screen or projector to tell what one was doing at the keyboard. An external mouse was used and even the DVD player worked.

This was a miracle in my eyes that matched up in impossibilities on a level with the time my little Jenny died of crib death at four months and God raised her when I prayed.

The laptop had been drug 10 feet as well as taken up into the axle with the shoulder strap tangling up there. It was run over twice. Never have I heard of one surviving such treatment without a miracle.

Our God is faithful.

In every difficulty He has prepared a way to bring relief. He has a thousand ways in which to provide in which we know nothing.