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In June my friend and I planned to get the Spanish music recorded in a church 150 miles from home. We noticed a sudden burst of angry winds just as we were all packed into the car. I headed back into the house for one more item like the hair brush and we were on our way.

Imagine our surprise when we saw the trees swaying and found 8 large pines across the road in front of us. They had just fallen for we had traveled the same road just 20 minutes before and it was clean. The huge pines had snapped and bounced enough to make a path where we could drive on smaller limbs. I praised God and kept on. It seemed Satan was trying to stop our plans for recording the Spanish and English scripture songs.


We kept on, determined to accomplish the arranged recordings. On down the freeway, we were amazed as we faced enormous billows of dark dirt filled clouds. It made me wonder if I was going to be driving into a tornado. It was impossible to see. It was dark inside the cloud and like night. I remembered in Pilgrim's progress that a roaring lion tried to discourage Pilgrim from continuing. Slowly and in faith, he continued on and discovered the lion could roar but he was chained. I decided that Satan would not discourage me. Slowly and prayerfully, I proceeded through the darkness. In about 10 miles it was clear and sunny.

The recording was done and made later into a CD.