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Medical Evangelism  Click on the following stories to see what God has done for us. He is faithful!

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DR Rose and Jenny

FREE MEDICAL CLINICS and home visits kept us very busy in the little village of Padison Pet which is like a "suberb" of Bapatla, in Andrah Pradesh, India just 2 miles from the Bay of Bengal. We love the Indian people. 

We provided relief in the Tsunami hit area within about 1 mile of the wave action along the Bay of Bengal. WE purchased medications for free distribution in clinic. This involved a very hot sweaty train ride for 2 hours one way, renting a rickshaw to the international ATM then to the local pharmacy. Language barriers and trade name differences were a few of the many challenges. I had my list of medications ready but the quantities made the owner call for supplies from elsewhere. The wait almost cost us to miss the return train and potentially miss  night meeting. We made it with a few minutes to spare and  arrived just in time to set up and begin the meeting. It was a scramble getting the power point together in time to speak.

 These were a very hospitable, loving people. We were invited into the homes daily. They all discovered we loved grapes and watermelon. After eating, we prayed and sang and they tried their English on us. 



The gate was kept locked during clinic with admission allowed only one by one. This worked well until one hour before closing and the people became frantic. Language barriers and family groups were hindering clinic flow factors along with the primitive setting. Clinics were attended with such interest. Many times they had to be shut down for all the shouting and pushing made it impossible to hear heart tones and have enough space to work. The local paper carried a section bringing even more attention to the free clinics. 

The dear family across the street from the shelter wanted to adopt Jenny. They loved dressing us in their Indian clothes. We gave back their clothes with Bible and other literature wrapped inside. They are precious to us. They took Jenny after braiding her hair into 5 braids, to a studio to have a family photo of their adopted daughter with them. Of course I was not about to part with my daughter. We sure love these dear Indian people. We pray for them every day.



India Coming Together At last

Before Departure

As we prepared for this mission after returning from the Mexico Mission, we were running very low on funds and energy. More than 8000 miles of driving is quite a challenge for me.  We were thrilled at God's direct interventions. He remarkably provided at the moment I finished my first step of faith in using the little I had in my hands to start the visa documents.

My window of time before son Lloyd's graduation is March through May. I moved forward with all the last dollars I had. I could not see any way to pay for the visa. I prayed and used the 21 dollars I had to get the pictures done. On the way home my daughter urged me to check the post office. As I did, we were thrilled to find a letter containing funds sufficient to start booking our flights. As we walked in the door, the phone was ringing and Nester was calling to announce he was successful in locating a specialist who could get us fair prices for our trip. In a few hours we were booked. When I went to the bank to deposit the funds in the mail, I discovered there needed to be a delay to send the check to Missions Unlimited for book keeping records. I knew the charges were soon to go through my bank. I prayed most earnestly and decided to allow borrowing from the church building funds for 4 days till the book keeping was done. Also I had to borrow for the visa request.

Much to our joy, the tickets were soon on their way to us.

Bag Lady

As I entered the thrift store to find some little bags to carry my clinic treatment items in, I found a friend Chris who wants to help us hold meetings in Medical Lake when we get back from India. There were not any bags in the store we needed but Chris had all we could need.  I guess you could call me the "bag lady". She also volunteered to help by running an errand to pick up Jenny's contact lenses. This saved us 60 miles and 2 hours time. God keeps blessing us. Mom also had a nice visit with relatives during that time. Although she would love to help me as she has in the past, she is unable to because of her Parkinson's Disease. 

God promised to help and He is always doing that as we move in faith to do HIS bidding. As we left the home of Chris, we saw a gorgeous display in the sky. There was a pillar of light and at the top was a vividly painted rainbow globe. It was fun to see this splendor in the sky and remember all the promises in the Bible that God will always give us the help we need as we do HIS work.