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This mission trip had a special ending with what seemed like God's restoration plan for weak, tired missionaries. Unlike all the other trips, I made a power point program only with these treasures of nature and the promises we enjoyed.


Once on the nearly empty 747 we found 4-5 seats for each of us and buckled in, in the horizontal position. As soon as we were in the air, we were asleep. What a comfortable ride we had to Kuala Lumpur. Once there, the airlines provided a room where we rested some more. In Taiwan we had to get off and go through security. We were awaked only to give us our food. There was extra due to the empty plane of people. We were so thankful for the bed and breakfast that were provided by friends of the pastor. Norma picked us up at 1AM at Reno airport and provided a nice comfortable rest.

I dreaded the 1,000 mile drive home from Nevada pulling a trailer of mission supplies but it turned out to be a very uplifting restoring thing for us. We did not realize it was so good for us until we had been driving 4 days. As we look back on our path, we see it was all in God's plan for us to give a seminar in Nevada for more than one reason. WE met and made so many dear friends there. 

During the drive home, God lifted the weakness and exhaustion till we got home and then we slept for several days.

II. Bible Promises

& comfort read and shared with me

The pastor picked us up and shared 2Corinthians 1:2-11 and called church together for a report. He encouraged us to be confident that all we did was Biblical. 

At each stop promises were shared and exchanged. The fellowship with friends and family is our treasure.


III. Sister and Brotherly Kindness

The comfort of being with friends and relatives was strengthening. We were in sort of a daze being on a 12 hour different time zone. I left my purse somewhere in Redding and all the way home prayed the bank cards would not be used by others or the passport and license. God provided for all our needs. We were even given socks for our shivering feet.


There was an extravaganza of wild flowers along the journey that now have representatives pressed into my prayer journal. There was therapy in these bright expressions of God's love. It was extra special to find the little orchid Calypso bulbosa or Fairy Slipper in the woods. It brought back the sweet memories of family times on Sabbath as a little girl at home. I took one to my brother.

V. Inspiring Scenes of Nature

Streams, little brooks and the magnificent Multnomah Falls rejuvenated our spirits as we felt closer to God in His beautiful outdoors. The quiet sweet songs of the birds calmed our tired hearts.

VI.  7 Opportunities to share Testimony

of God's power

It is always God's blessing to us to be able to share of HIS mighty protection and miraculous power.

VII. Funds for getting home

God provided. Now we just need to get copies of lost identity documents.