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After a five minute servicing of the car in California, the next stop was 250 miles on the road to home. Imagine my surprise when I went to pay for the next tank full of fuel for the car and could not find the purse. I searched the car over and over hoping it was somewhere in the supplies from the mission trip. I prayed for help to pay for the fuel. It was surprising to find ten dollars in my pocket. I do not remember putting it there. In the car was the remainder needed.

We had special prayer for it at aunties, and in Portland.  Funds were given to help us make it home. The recommended bank changes were made immediately as we reached home.

A post office in California notified us of having the purse dropped of there.  The purse  had been in the post office keeping for 7 or 8 days in California. The tears began to flow as I thought of how miraculous it was to be getting passports back. The money was gone but the driver's license and passports were there as well as a phone card. What a thrill to see God work this miracle! It had been mailed to me free.