Jenny's Lamb

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Jenny's Lamb

Jenny, in September,  had met the neighbor while Jenny was sitting in the back seat knitting. We stopped by the parked car on the road near our driveway and  asked if there was a car problem. The neighbor said she just stopped to fix some glasses in the back of her SUV. The neighbor watched her knit and informed Jenny that she had sheep and used their wool for making things. We were invited over. Jenny was taught how to spin and work with wool. 
Jenny invited her friends to join her as she learned fun new things. Later the neighbor got her knitting a scarf for a missionary going into Russia. 
Weekly Jenny has been learning new knitting techniques and dying fibers etc.
We had so much fun learning all these new things from Cyn. She told us she had lambs for sale. For her birthday, Jenny wanted lambs and a spinning wheel. She has been working on making socks and things.
Jenny wanted to leave her two one year old lambs in the pen with the neighbor's ram so she could have some new little pet lambs of her own to hold and maybe feed. The neighbor's ewe had twins. They were fun to see. Then one day one of the twins was sick. That story is under the "Healed Lamb" button. God answered our prayers and has brought so much courage to Cyn because she has big things to deal with. Her only son is going into dangerous areas of the world for the US army and because she is having a heart procedure she faces very difficult times. She has had an ambulance ride in the last month.
Well, Jenny and I were praying that we could get a colorful pet lamb for picture illustrations about the love of Jesus for the "black sheep" of families.  Plus it would be fun to work wool that is colored. 

On Valentine's day February 14, we were surprised for Molly had her little lamb. Molly did not even look pregnant. She was so small, we did not think she even had a little lamb. What a special blessing from God! We have lots of pictures of this cutie at the end of our story.

God gave us what we asked for. You know, He has bigger surprises than lambs waiting for us in our homes in heaven that He has gone to prepare for us. Zephaniah 3:17 says He sings about us.
I imagine He sings about the one for whom He is making the home. In my garden He planted next to my house, I imagine a huge patch of strawberries, a rose garden, and orchids. I also imagine a fountain with pretty trees loaded with more orchids. He has promised harps for us to play on and He will make it so we make good sweet music without hours of practice.
He will have bright blue butterflies Like the one I caught in the jungle. He will have  many colors of flowers and bees that don't sting.  He even knows my favorite flowers, colors and everything. God is full of surprises.
He knows I like bleeding heart flowers. (These are flowers that are bright pink and are shaped like hearts) He is full of surprises. 
Parrots that can sing are attracted to my garden and they listen while Jesus sings about me while He thinks about what I like. As He sings out His love for me and His dream of having me home with Him, the parrots He put there for me are listening and learning the song. When I get there, I will hear the parrots and know they copied MY JESUS as He sang while I was on earth typing up Bible lessons, raising my children for Him, taking pictures, and sharing my stories on web and traveling the world to share His love.
Jesus says we are His lambs. Jenny was a newborn lamb when she was baptized by pastor Dan George into the Seventh Day Adventist church when she was 7. She had for two years begged to be baptized. She wanted to wear white to show Jesus she was thinking of herself of the bride of Jesus. She planned to obey all that Jesus wants. She knows He is making a home for her in heaven. Pastor George let me help baptize her. He said since I was a missionary, trained as a doctor and pastor and am doing evangelism work, I should be part of this event.

 You can give your heart to Jesus too. Just tell Him you want to be HIS lamb. Every day you can ask Him to be your helper. He will lead you to more Bible stories that will help you trust Him.

Jenny's lamb Molly had a little black female lamb. Feb. 14


We prayed for a colored lamb. God gave it to us! Jenny is ecstatic.  

Molly is proud of Melody
Day 1 Day 1 Tail wagging
Day2 Melody day 3 Day 3





Melody day 4, Feb.17,2003 It will be fun to work with Melody's wool when she is older.
Getting Molly and Melody to our home was one wild experience! Ron's height and weight were no match for the bucking wildly frightened ewe. She charged off into the woods. The shepherd dog headed after her which sent her all the faster. Suddenly she heard her lamb call from Jenny's arms. Little darling melody 6 days old wanted to know where mama was going. Molly wheeled around at the sound of her darling and came at full speed for the open car door. Upon reaching it, she got confused and ran off another direction. Finally we herded her back into the pen and started over moving her lamb along in front of her nose. Then she ran again. Finally we had her at the car door. Jenny entered from the other side and held her lamb up for her to see. They exchanged "baaaaas"  and Molly knew her precious one was ok. In the mean time she was being hoisted into the car. Finally with one last shove, the door was able to shut. I drove slowly fearing she might in fright stab me with her hoofs. Each bump made me wonder if she would land on her baby. At home we drove up to her pen and took Melody in to entice her out. She had to be pushed out and then she ran full speed into the kennel fencing towards our dog who wanted her gone. We had to scurry out of the pen and tie up the dog till she settled down and nursed her lamb.

 The powerful call of her tiny lamb stopping her rushing around was impressive. I thought of my own mother heart. When my oldest children begged and cried that I go to evangelistic meetings, I was too busy doctoring and too tired. They cried till I took them to church for evening meetings. I wanted to know what was happening that made them want to go. I noticed that good programs and rewards were lamb food that could bring whole families to hear the gospel. It had taken me from my mad dash for gaining money for nice home, cars, clothes and turned me to thinking about things which last forever.  It may be that you, dear reader are a little lamb. You can make the difference in your home by calling out till the family joins you in reading the Bible and going to church. Your voice is louder and more important to your parents than any preacher voice. God looks to you, His lamb, to help Him get the family ready for heaven.