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Puppy was one of 9 puppies. She was born on January 6. She is so gentle and fluffy and cute that of all the puppies, she was Jenny's favorite. Eight puppies were waiting on the porch for breakfast when we got up. They were all wiggles in excitement that we were finally awake. Jenny missed her favorite puppy. She had to find her. She looked under the trailer, she looked under the car. She searched for over an hour calling. 
Daddy said it would show up eventually but mama had a more frightening thought for Jenny. Perhaps the wild coyotes had killed it like they have gotten all our kittens and other puppies in the past. Tears came to her eyes. She decided to pray about it.

Now there were eight other puppies to love and hug and play tug of war with. Why did Jenny's favorite mean so much to her? This puppy had to be found. It was very cold outside. It was snowing and she was afraid something terrible was happening. That puppy should show up for food or it could die. Maybe it was dead all ready.

Again she searched frantically all over the property, calling out to her beloved puppy. She again checked under sheds, trailer and car. There it was!!! It was near a car tire crying. It had stuck its head into a jar and gotten stuck. It could not eat, drink or breath very well. The jar was a prison to the poor puppy. It was getting weak. No telling how long it had been this way. Maybe all through the night. It was crying for help but the sounds were muffled and Jenny had not heard them. Gently she removed the jar off its face and the happy puppy drank lots of water and ate an nice breakfast. It sat around and did not play because it had gotten weak over its experience. After a few hours it was  fine.

Jenny is so thankful that God helped her find and rescue the poor puppy.

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