Truckers Pray

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The snipers made so many terrified over the days of their surprise attacks. A very special story was shared with me over the email. It really brought gratitude to God for HIS answer to the prayer of fifty truckers.
50 Christian truckers got together to pray that somehow the sniper terrorizing the Washington, DC area would be caught.
Ron Lantz  told the other truckers there that perhaps God was going to use them to catch the sniper.
A few days later he was listening to the radio as he was driving again through the region and felt compelled to pull off the highway to a rest stop. It was just a couple of miles from where the prayer meeting had taken place.
As he pulled in, he was shocked to see a car similar to what was being described on the radio right there before his eyes.
Carefully trying to read the license plate, a chill went up his back as the numbers matched. He quickly called 911 and remained there for what he said were the longest 15 minutes of his life until the police arrived.
He even pulled his truck across the exit, there would now be no escape for these elusive murderers. The rest is now history-the snipers were taken into custody without incident. I imagine the trucker was still praying while he waited with his truck across the road. He was at risk. Since the murders were asleep, perhaps he prayed they would keep on sleeping till the police arrived.  It is said that he planned to give the million dollar reward to the families of those who had lost loved ones or who had been injured. This shows he believed the answer for the catching of the murders was not just chance, it was answered prayer. God is given all the credit. We are grateful that God's friend,  Ron Lantz, was not afraid to take action.