Silly Bird Rescue

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November 13, 2002
Again our silly cockatiel slipped out the door when Ron opened it to get wood for the fireplace. Ron treasures this bird's friendship. He loves how the bird will sit on his head and take one piece of hair and gently tug with his beak. He loves how it sits on the computer and bobs its head up and down like they are having a silent communication. They understand each other.
He had come to our home from some friends. He was hatched in their home. He quickly won his way into the affections of all in the family. He never said much. He just did silly things and loved to have his neck rubbed. He groomed everyone's hair and loved to fly about the little trailer we live in. His name is "bird". He comes to the table when momma calls "who's hungry". Until we taught him not to, he used to take a flying leap and go skidding across a dish full of rice. He will fly to the kettle on the stove if we are not looking and help himself while everyone else is eating at the table. He flies onto the table uninvited and has to be commanded to leave and pushed away or he will get in any dish that has lettuce, spinach,  rice,  bread. He will nibble on just about anything. Once he took a flying leap and landed in a kettle full of hot water. We were surprised he survived.
Just like all kids, he does not like to go to bed. We open his cage door and turn out the lights and have to catch him and put him in his "bed". 

He is so funny how he sasses the cat. They go round and round the house playing their games of hide and seek. When Tiger was introduced to "bird", he was a little kitten. "Bird" taught him to respect him by chewing on the kitten and pecking and hissing.

We have a round hat on the wall given to us while on a mission trip to Borneo. It is the very one used by Jenny in this picture. He crawls behind the hat  on the wall so no one can see him. He will sleep back there or pick at the straw with his beak and then we know where he is. Another favorite place is a hanging basket with a shelf. Both the cat and the bird fight over this perch.

He gets upset if the cat gets into his cage "bed". He hisses and scolds. We have spoiled this bird and he thinks he is commander in chief.

Just like he had escaped in August, he flew screaming with fear from tree to tree. His alarm call brought our sympathy. He had never felt rain before. He shook with fear as he sat looking down from the 60 foot tall pine tree. He was worn out. Where was his bed? He cried in fear. The children were racing through the woods as he flew from tree to tree. The ladder was taken to each tree only to have him leave before they were up in the tree to get him. Everyone was in a state of panic. While running, Kyle and Jenny were praying and so was mom. 
  He  was so terrified as he clung to the tops of pine trees. Lloyd was up the tree about 35 feet up, rescued it, stripped off his shirt in the rain, wrapped it and tossed the bundle to dad on the ground. A branch grabbed the shirt as it flew by and opened it up. The frightened bird flew to another tree screaming all the way. It had never experienced rain before. Neither had it ever experienced the sensation of falling while wrapped up tightly in a shirt. It had such screeches while it flew to another tree.

It moved somewhat when the little sticks flew by that all boys were throwing. In confusion it flew again and just clung high up in another pine tree as the wind shook his tree. Since Jesus is touched when little sparrows fall, I knew He cared about the bird. While we all teamed up to help catch the bird, we prayed out loud for God to help us.

Ron scurried to town and bought stuff to fix the sling shot and some white marbles. After what seemed like hours, they were back. We were drenched by the rain, having stayed out under the trees watching the bird. White marbles went flying by the silly bird as he looked at the "hail" but did not move. He had stopped screaming and was probably cold. The sling shot plan failed so out came the chain saw.
 I could not watch this. You know sometimes God has to use desperate measures to rescue people from sin.  The "ax" has to be put to the root of the tree. When everything else fails, He sometimes has to cut out from under us all that gives us security. We have to go without things like home, and friends,  computer, games, and He allows us to experience real difficult times. The crashing thud as our tree falls, can stun us. Everything changes. During those valleys we see His roses of comfort and love. We learn we should never have been afraid of Him for He was only working for our best good. The silly bird did not seem to realize this. He was too frightened to listen to our quiet coaxing calls.

 I was chilled to the bone and damp so I climbed into bed under the heated blanket with my book of promises and prayed. I heard ping, ping,  ping on the roof as marble "hail" kept pelting past the bird and hitting our shelter. My husband and oldest son were just not going to give up on their frightened feathered friend. 

Finally I heard "timber" and wondered if  the bird would fly to another tree. Silly thing, it rode the tree to the ground. He was so frightened he just hung on. He then hopped around on the fallen tree. It may have had a period of being stunned for they had to look for the little form among the pine branches. When God takes us through sickness, loss of everything, or grief, we are stunned and silent. It is easier  to teach us things during those times if we allow Him to and determine we should not become bitter.


The giggling husband and seventeen year old Lloyd pounced on him and stuffed him back in his cage. He seems to be ok. 

Our experience in life seems like what the bird went through.  We have learned valuable lessons of faith and love. I have learned to spend more time sharing God's love with the world on web since we do not have as much to take care of. We don't have a big house to take care of just the basics.  Praise God for everything. He says "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord." I believe He means it.

  What if my husband and son had given up and let the bird have his own choices? His choices would have caused his death when outside temperatures dropped again at night to a minus fifteen like they had been a couple weeks ago. We just can't give up on our friends who are making the wrong choices. The end of the world is near and they do not realize how serious the times are we are living in.

  It was a very dangerous risk they took to cut the tree. The bird could have died. It was the last thing they planned to try. It took the most desperate measure. It took a couple minutes for the tree to fall for it was held up by two other trees. The bird stayed on the branch. Another tree had to be cut to free it up so it could fall.