Logging Accident

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Helicopter Accident

Psalms 91:15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I [will be] with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. 

  In the summer Jared was working towards his college education. He found work with a relative logging with a  helicopter company. The Kaman HH43F helicopters that he connected to the logs  have a working lift capacity of 4,000 pounds. They are able to move approximately 750,000 to one million board feet of timber per month per helicopter. The Kaman HH43F Husky helicopter has proven itself to be a safe, reliable and efficient helicopter. Its unique intermeshing rotor system eliminates the need for a tail rotor thus providing an additional 35 % more power for lifting . Efficient logging on steep terrain is always a problem. Helicopters designed for repetitive lifting are ideal and a highly skilled team are needed to make this an efficient and safe operation. Jared was working with a skilled team.

  Jared loves to play piano and does a great job. He has promised his life to serving God.  Jared's job had many risks as he learned each day facing many challenges. His auntie Rose heard of the danger in his job and prayed for Jared and her cousin Ed's protection. She often prayed for her sister's children. Tears often came to her eyes as she thought of the sadness in the hearts of Jared and his siblings as they missed their mom who lost the battle with cancer in '1999'.
Helicopter logging is much more expensive but has much less impacts on the land. Logs are flown out of sensitive and, otherwise, inaccessible areas.  It is extremely dangerous for the person who hooks up the logs to the helicopter's cable. Jared's job was to hook up that cable to the logs.
Jared needed to judge how much weight each log had and connect them together for copter pick up.  He learned quickly. Jared loves to work and keeps steady at his work. Each load needed to be enough to make it worth while for the gas the copter used yet not be too heavy to move out. As soon as he connected logs to the cable leading to the helicopter, Jared ran to safety. He sent a message over his little radio to the copter that he was clear. 

  One day while running to a safe place there was a sudden gust of wind that moved the copter and the log load till it hit Jared and sent him tumbling down the steep hill. 

  He tumbled a long ways and it hurt but he only had a few scratches. His head never hit a rock neither did he straddle a tree and die. God sent His angels and protected   as he tumbled head over heel down that steep hill. Others have not been as fortunate.  I know of another boy whose head split open on a rock as his body tumbled down hill. Still others have died when their body hit a tree with sharp branches. We thank God for our answer to prayer.

 Psalms 86:7 In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me.