Dog Attack

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Submitted by my uncle Pastor Edward Graves:

 I was taking my usual morning walk with my gentle German shepherd “Trixie” when Sudden Destruction hit us.  Trixie always looks forward to her daily walk with joy and jiggles, and as soon as I open the gate she grabs her end of the 12-foot leash and pulls me along our regular route.  Her enthusiasm helps me have the courage to move my aging bones when the temperature is freezing.  

We were finishing our country walk coming down a paved road when two bullmastiffs charged toward us.   (I had seen these dogs before but always behind chain-link fences.  The female dog usually kept in the front yard area had made friends with me but the male dog kept behind a taller fence in the back yard had never been friendly.)  I saw too late their vicious appearance as they both attacked Trixie.  The biggest dog grabbed Trixie’s neck in his powerful jaws, and the female bit down on her backside as Trixie cried in pain. 

I grabbed the big dog to pull him off but he turned on me and I lost my balance and fell.  Sudden Destruction jumped on top of me slamming my head against the pavement, breaking my glasses, bloodying my nose and chewing a hole in the thick sweat-jacket hood that covered my head.   I swung my arm around to ward him off.  Then he bit me several times, grabbed my arm, held on, and tried to drag me to his den to eat me alive.  When I realized Destruction’s intentions and thought that the other dog might start chewing on my legs I feared for my life and yelled as loud as I could, “Help, help!”
In this country area the houses are far apart so I didn’t know if anyone would hear me.  This attack happened so suddenly and ended so abruptly it is hard for me to remember the sequence of events.   Trixie suddenly stopped crying.  I don't know whether I wished it or it really happened but I have a distinct vision of hitting that big dog square in the face with my left fist.  Anyway the dog released me and suddenly he was gone.  All the dogs had disappeared. I staggered up off the ground, gathered up my long leash, picked up the bent frame of my glasses, and found one lens. 

 A lady (Mrs. Pam Ellard) came running up to me and looked at my blood face and offered to call emergency or take me to the hospital.  I said I thought I would be all right if I just rested a bit.  I didn’t realize how badly I was injured. She said I’ll run get you a wet washcloth.  I sat down on the road bank and was shocked to see all the mess---blood, broken glass, dog hair and excrement---on the pavement.

Pam returned with a cloth about the same time a man came running from the other direction.  The man was very helpful and apologetic.  He didn’t know how his dogs had gotten out of the yard or why they acted like they did.  He ran back to his house, got his car and started to take me to ER at the hospital but I talked him into stopping by my house.  Trixie was outside the gate waiting to get in and get help from my wife, Willeta.  We came in by the back door. Willeta told the man that she would drive me into the hospital.   I took off my outer jacket and could see blood still running through the blood-soaked shirt and sweater. Willeta ran for a towel to wrap around it and help stop the bleeding.  The dog-owner followed us into the emergency.  The doctors were surprised at how deep the wounds were and thought that one of the bones in the lower arm might be broken so they took a couple of x-rays.  The wound on top of the arm took about ten stitches and there were about four other holes that needed stitches.   While we waited in the emergency room we got acquainted with the good doctors and nurses.

One male nurse while cleaning the arm remarked that the angels must have saved me.  I asked him if he likes to read and told him I had written an autobiography about angels and the supernatural.   He was anxious to see it.  Willeta went out= to our car and brought in some books and I gave him a signed copy.  He was so happy about it that soon, two doctors, a nurse, an injured teen-ager and a lady with a sick husband heard about it and begged for one. So we gave out 6 books---all we had with us in the car.  (The book, “UFOs Angels and Stories of Faith and Courage” also tells about the greatest upcoming Easter celebration the world has ever seen when Jesus returns to resurrect and rescue all his people---a stupendous resurrection morning when tragedies will be turned into triumphs.)

So, what about Trixie?  With her thick fur she came out OK with only a few torn spots.

Will anything good come out of my encounter with Sudden Destruction?  Sure, I think so. We have already met some good doctors, nurses and helpful people, and we’ve been able to share our Christian faith with them.  I will still go on my morning walks but now I will carry a stick and be more prepared should another terrorist attack come my way.

Also, some of my neighbors have told me they have been afraid to go jogging because of so many dogs that run loose in this area.  They plan to have the leash laws enforced more consistently.  I would advise parents to be careful about letting their children take their dogs on walks in areas where big dogs are on the loose.  A small person like my wife would have been killed had she been in my place.

May God bless you all,

Submitted by Pastor Edward Graves  February 2002.