Gods Eagle

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January 18,2003

I am so thrilled about God's blessing to me, He knew exactly what I needed like He always does. He sent me help when I needed it most.

Every morning I sing this to Him:

Lily of the Valley, let Your sweet aroma fill my life,

Rose of Sharon show me how to grow in beauty in God's sight.

Fairest of ten thousand, make me a reflection of your life, 

Daystar Shine down on me, let your Spirit fill me in the night.

Remember the little boy with a lunch that had 5 barley loaves and two fishes? Remember how Jesus took the little boys lunch and thanked God then began multiplying the lunch till it fed 5,000 people? He did similar miracles feeding thousands of more people. Jesus promised He would provide for all our needs. Phil. 4:19

Though we do not have the TV cabin yet, we are using what we have available. We are filming with the church cameras at the church. The church TV man is helping us figure out what to do. My oldest son runs the sound board and another son runs two cameras which all belongs to the church.

Several times in the last few weeks, after getting the car all packed up with the carefully prepared foods, the CD, the video tape and everything needed, the car would not start. It takes many hours to prepare for a recording. There is practicing, preparations, food purchases, typing of script, power point and preparing of clothing for children to wear. 

The car had to be jump started. We were late for the team of helpers. The car died at least ten times trying to get the 25 miles to the church.

I determined that nothing should stop me. Yet my courage was shaken by the time I reached the church. Every time the car needed to wait at a stop light, it died. Then it died in the middle of the off ramp as I got off the freeway. I was at high risk for being hit in the back while the car was stopped. Cars were having to go around me. It was a very stressful, embarrassing time. We were thankful when we finally caught sight of the church. Going home after the filming was not quite as bad. 

Undaunted, we planned our next filming sessions and struggled along. Our better car has 203,000 miles on it and was  at my husband's work, 164 miles away. I was out of money for food waiting for pay day. I was given a little money so I could get food but the car was dead and would not get me there. How was I going  to get to the store? No busses come out here and it is too far to walk.

God impressed a dear person Dad, Dave to bring over a car filled with fuel and running so smoothly. I had wheels to get to the filming we were preparing for at church. Oh how my heart sings for joy the way God provided for our efforts to share the gospel with the world.
Praise the Lord! The children were able to get the items needed for the recipes and also get clear to the church for the filming because of the generous dear Dad, Dave .
The kind of car we have is a 4 wheel drive jeep AMC Eagle. It runs nice and smooth even though it is a 1985. It is such a treasured blessing. Praise God!
As we gave God our "barley loaves", the things we had to work with, God increased our blessings. God helped us get the supplies and the transport. God's eagle is a great blessing. It is like a giant basket full of our barley loaves as we go into town to film our cooking classes.

 "They shall rise up with wings as the eagles."

As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings: so the Lord alone did lead him, and there was no strange god with him. Deut. 32:11, 12.

Into the sunlight of His presence we may rise on the wings of faith. {Ed 118.2}

Feb. 2003