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God's TV  Studio Log Cabin Project 

For Children and Youth

   This story is one that is not finished because God is still working on the last part of it. This picture is a made up picture inside the computer. It is a picture of our dream for a children's studio plus a tiny cabin for us. God loves children. He wants them to know of His love so they can make their choice if they want to live forever with Him in a land where there is no crime, no death, no sadness, only fun and happiness. Now is the day to choose if we will be on God's side or not. The end of the world is near. 

  God does not choose the qualified but qualifies those He chooses.

  He does not always choose those who have resources but provides all that is needed to do His assignments. (Phil. 4:19)

We are praying at each decision we make for the structure and the whole project. The programs will be like our illustratedbible.com and larom.org WEB sites material.

Do your remember how children sang to Jesus as He rode like a king into Jerusalem? The Pharisees were so angry and asked Jesus to tell the children to be quiet.  Jesus told them if He made them be quiet, the stones would cry out. He would be praised whether people liked it or not. The same is true today. I believe Jesus is coming sooner than people think. He needs the world of children to hear the good news. It is time for even the rocks to cry out. I have a dream of having these website Bible stories and answered prayer televised as "Log cabin series". I do not have resources but have moved out in faith and God has done amazing things. I don't know how to do this but God provides wisdom.

This is a miracle story of answered prayer that when it is finished will be totally amazing. This one is still being worked on by God. He has been working on it for a while. First He helped us pick our country piece of land. Then he moved a dear friend to help provide the down payment. Then God gave my husband strength to make payments each month. The well pump, the road, the electricity and septic were put in. Each item seemed impossible, yet God helped us.

My dream is to put up a little log cabin on our land that can be used  to film children and teens programs for television. After that we will build us a little cabin to live in as an add on. God's rustic TV cabin is very special and unique and will fascinate the children and teens. I have prayed every day for a long time for this to happen. I believe God has placed the dream in my heart. The cost is really not much different from the cost of two mission trips like our India trip. Yet the potential number of children reached is over one hundred  times more.  
We are taking each idea before the Lord and asking Him to direct our reaching out to the children and youth of the world. I know God loves the young people that He has made. It hurts Him to see them taken up in Satan's traps of gangs and drugs, and computer killing games.
One day while I was praying for God to lead in this dream, the phone rang and a man asked if he could buy some rocks on my place. We have rocks everywhere just like everyone else in this part of the county. He said he wanted 400 dollars worth yet took more and paid 880 dollars.
Terry Frost has done beautiful rock work out by the airport. I just love it. It has lights and  ponds making it all look so elegant. 
I looked about Spokane for other work Mr. Frost had done with rocks and tried to imagine what he could do with my rocks. He liked the sparkle in them and the red tint.
I followed the truck with my rocks on it to where they were working. It was fun to see that these rocks were being put to a good use. Now, no one can tell me that God had no part in this. I did not advertise any rocks for sale. After he asked for them, I called around to see what they were worth. I was told 20 dollars a ton but I had no idea how much the rocks would weigh. I think God sent this man to get started providing for HIS TV CABIN.
He sent us the cutest Christmas card with a picture of his truck making a stone snow man.
Our God has a thousand ways to provide for HIS project to help HIS precious children and teens around the world. These young people are our future leaders. God wants us to do what we can for them. Every day when I went out to pray for my own children, husband, and for God to work on HIS cabin and provide, I would bring back to my garden a flat rock. When the snow came down it became too hard to get to my prayer spot and too cold. I left a stack of flat rocks one very cold morning. The rocks were too cold and heavy to carry. You know what? Those rocks did not keep snow on them like the rest. Every time I drove down the driveway I looked at that pile. It was as if God made them show up. I wonder, did God do that to assure me that He is still working on HIS TV CABIN for youth? I cannot see what He is doing but I have faith.
Look at this stack of logs ready to be rounded in the lathe for the cabin.   We prayed about who should make this cabin and which floor plans to use. God has directed all along. God's plans know neither haste nor delay.
God knows just how to reach the minds of young people. He has shown  things to do that have worked on thousands in Russia, Borneo, Mexico, and India. This is no different. I have nothing to fear for it is not my project. It is God's.
Imagine thousands of children enjoying heaven because of the ministry of our WEB site and televised programs reaching into home schools and  even remote villages of other countries. Videos can be carried and shown by missionaries.  Imagine them skipping along with Jesus in the river of life in heaven, making rainbows in the spray. It will be worth all the free labor and sacrifice just to see the joy on their faces.


New pictures of cabin built in Montana similar to our plans.

Dec. 2002


Special promises for God's workers:

If the work be of God, He Himself will provide the means for its accomplishment. He will reward honest, simple reliance upon Him. DA 371

If we go to the Source of all strength, with our hands of faith outstretched to receive, we shall be sustained in our work, even under the most forbidding circumstances, and shall be enabled to give to others the bread of life. DA 371

The miracle of the loaves teaches a lesson of dependence upon God. When Christ fed the five thousand, the food was not right at hand. Apparently He had no means at His command. Here He was, with five thousand men, besides women and children, in the wilderness. He had not invited the large multitude to follow Him; they came without invitation or command. But He knew that after they had listened so long to His instruction, they would feel hungry and faint; for He was one with them in their need of food…In full reliance upon God, Jesus took the small store of loaves; and although there was but a small portion for His own family of disciples, He did not invite them to eat, but began to distribute to them, bidding them serve the people. The food multiplied…DA 368 and 369

God is not unmindful of those who labor in love to give the word of life to perishing souls, who in their turn reach forth their hands for food for other hungry souls. DA 370

Often we hesitate, unwilling to give all that we have, fearing to spend and to be spent for others. But Jesus has bidden us, “Give ye them to eat.” His command is a promise; and behind it is the same power that fed the multitude beside the sea. DA 369

Can you think of some names for the Log cabin for us that will give God the glory for what He has done to make it happen?

Write your suggestion to Biblelessons@starband.net


Do you want to help feed lambs?

Mission trips returning into India as a family team are planned. Each year we conduct one or two major mission trips to give the three angels messages to different parts of the world.  Those wishing to give can do this through Missions Unlimited attention Jarry Dawes, Treasurer. The gift can be labeled for "Feed My Lambs Ministry"

Address: Missions Unlimited, 1617 Carson Lane, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Phone: 509-662-2204

You can receive a tax receipt for your donation. We are so grateful for the monthly contributions which keep our WEB ministry going.

I am comforted as I see how  Jesus is moving people into my path who have experience, for there's so little I know about doing such a project. If I move in faith trusting His directives, God will give me wisdom and skill adequate for the task. There are many skillful people out there but the task is laid on me. God will supply helpers to me as needed. He is sending some amazing blessings. There are photographers who have interest in the project and mothers who want to help. Greater is God's angel forces than the opposition which comes in like a flood.

Special Promises for Wisdom

1. Engravers capable of fashioning the temple were among those camped at Mount Sinai. The Egyptians task masters were there who could have done it. But God picked a man of the tribes He wished to show honor. (Judah  and Dan)  He did not ask Moses or gift Moses with this talent. He provided  godly, dedicated helpers. Read this reference from one of my favorite authors.

" We then, as workers together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain. 2 Cor. 6:1.  {CC 96.1}

     The Lord gave an important lesson to His people in all ages when to Moses on the mount He gave instruction regarding the building of the tabernacle. In that work He required perfection in every detail. Moses was proficient in all the learning of the Egyptians; he had a knowledge of God, and God's purposes had been revealed to him in visions; but he did not know how to engrave and embroider.  {CC 96.2}

     Israel had been held all their days in the bondage of Egypt, and although there were ingenious men among them, they had not been instructed in the curious arts which were called for in the building of the tabernacle. They knew how to make bricks, but they did not understand how to work in gold or silver. How was the work to be done? . . .   {CC 96.3}

     Then God Himself explained how the work was to be accomplished. He signified by name the persons He desired to do a certain work. Bezaleel was to be the architect. This man belonged to the tribe of Judah--a tribe that God delighted to honor. . . .  {CC 96.4}

     "And I, behold, I have given with him Aholiab, the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan: and in the hearts of all that are wise hearted I have put wisdom, that they may make all that I have commanded thee" (Ex. 31:1-6).  {CC 96.5}

     Among the multitude were Egyptians, who had acted as overseers for such work, and thoroughly understood how it should be done. But the work was not dependent upon them. The Lord united with human agencies, giving them wisdom to work skillfully.  {CC 96.6}

     Skill in the common arts is a gift from God. He provides both the gift and the wisdom to use the gift aright.  {CC 96.7}

     In order that the earthly tabernacle might represent the heavenly, it must be perfect in all its parts, and it must be, in every smallest detail, like the pattern in the heavens. So it is with the characters of those who are finally accepted in the sight of heaven.  {CC 96.8}  Conflict and Courage by Ellen White

Here is my favorite promise for wisdom in making the log cabin TV studio. 

Just like King Solomon was given all the wisdom needed to build a temple church for God, God will help anyone today. Those who want to build for Him will be given the same watch care. If we want advice, He can give heaven's wisdom. If we are thankful and humble enough to be taught, He will teach how to do anything we need to know. God knows if we will use the project to tell of His love or to draw attention to ourselves. These thoughts were drawn from one of my favorite Christian authors, commenting on 1 Kings 6: 12, 13.

 God Gives Skill, Understanding, Adaptability.--[1 Kings 6:12, 13 quoted.] "This word was sent to Solomon while he was engaged in the building of the temple. The Lord assured him that He was taking notice of his efforts and of the efforts of the others engaged on the building. God exercises the same watch care over His work today. Those who labor with a sincere desire to fulfill the Word of the Lord, and to glorify His name, will gain increased knowledge; for the Lord will cooperate with them. He watches with approval those who keep His glory in view. He will give them skill and understanding and adaptability for their work. Each one who enters the service of God with a determination to do his best, will receive a valuable education, if he heeds the instruction given by the Lord, and does not follow his own wisdom and his own ideas. All are to be teachable, seeking the Lord with humility, and using for Him, with cheerfulness and gratitude, the knowledge gained" (MS 18, 1905). {2BC 1030.4} 

Danger! Danger! Danger!:

The name: Solomon's Temple showed credit was not given to God for the gifts

   Solomon had the fun of making a beautiful temple that God designed. People praised Solomon so much that he was spoiled. He liked getting all the attention. Soon he forgot to remind people he had not designed the building. He acted like it was all his own idea. He became proud of himself. Then he acted like he was so smart that all should honor and worship him. Jesus made sure that people honored God in heaven for all the miracles He did. He was careful not to draw attention to Himself. He did such a good job of this that when He healed people, they praised the God of Israel. Mathew 15:31.

Read this quotation from a favorite Christian author of mine.

"The wisdom entrusted to him that he might glorify the Giver, filled him with pride. He finally permitted men to speak of him as the one most worthy of praise for the matchless splendor of the building planned and erected for the honor of "the name of the Lord God of Israel." {PK 68.1}
Thus it was that the temple of Jehovah came to be known throughout the nations as "Solomon's temple." The human agent had taken to himself the glory that belonged to the One "higher than the highest." Ecclesiastes 5:8. Even to this day the temple of which Solomon declared, "This house which I have built is called by Thy name" (2 Chronicles 6:33), is oftenest spoken of, not as the temple of Jehovah, but as "Solomon's temple." {PK 68.2}
Man cannot show greater weakness than by allowing men to ascribe to him the honor for gifts that are Heaven-bestowed. The true Christian will make God first and last and best in everything. No ambitious motives will chill his love for God; steadily, perseveringly, will he cause honor to redound to his heavenly Father. It is when we are faithful in exalting the name of God that our impulses are under divine supervision, and we are enabled to develop spiritual and intellectual power. {PK 68.3}
Jesus, the divine Master, ever exalted the name of His heavenly Father. He taught His disciples to pray, "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name." Matthew 6:9, A.R.V. And they were not to forget to acknowledge, "Thine is . . . the glory." Verse 13. So careful was the great Healer to direct attention from Himself to the Source of His power, that the wondering multitude, "when they saw the dumb to speak, the maimed to be whole, the lame to walk, and the blind to see," did not glorify Him, but "glorified the God of Israel." Matthew 15:31.