Healed Lamb

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On December 31, the neighbor invited us to see her new twin lambs. We went over in the dark to take pictures of the little ones. They are both females. We noticed how shy they were and how quickly they stood up and took milk from their mom Tidbit.
We wanted to see how quickly the lambs grew. Every day we went over to get pictures of the progress. We noticed that the neighbor put a rubber band on the tail right away so it would fall off.
After a while we just went over every week to check on the lambs. After the 5th week it looked like another ewe was going to have baby lambs so we went over more often. We noticed that one of the twins could not stand up. She was very weak. We were invited to help feed the poor little thing. We wondered what was wrong with her.
She did not really want to drink from the bottle. We tried and she just laid her head on the ground. She would chew on the nipple from the side. We squeezed the bottle and forced her to get some fluids.
Things just seemed to get worse. She had to be held up to be able to walk. She was happy when Jenny made a sling and held her up. She used her back legs to propel herself over to the fence to call the flock over. They came and sniffed and walked away. She just laid down on the ground looking real sad. It looked like she was giving up.

She did not seem to be able to drink water yet from the water bowl.

Her twin talked to her through the fence.

By Wednesday we were wondering if she was going to make it. She would try to move then lie down all limp. Wednesday night at prayer meeting, Jenny whispered to me, "Mama, is it ok to ask for prayer for the lamb?"

 I said it would be a great idea. I asked the group if they could ask for Jesus to do a miracle that would bring the maximum amount of glory to His name and encourage the neighbor to believe that God really cared about her. Since she was soon to have a procedure to help her heart work better, it seemed if God would take this opportunity to show Himself strong to her.  I was sure it would comfort her as she faced her own health risk.

Pastor Jeff, smiled at Jenny and and very gently said that there was no prayer request Jenny had that was not important to God. Jenny feared someone would laugh. She had tears in her eyes and wanted to go hide in the car while everyone was praying.

The next day when we went to feed Freckles, Jenny had the surprise of her life. Freckles was walking, and hobbling around in the pen. She went over to the pen where the flock was and called them all over to her. They lined up single file and came over to nuzzle her with their noses. We watched in amazement at what God had done. We went home to get an ace wrap because the leg on the front right seemed to buckle under her weight. She did better with it on.

Jenny could hardly wait to tell her daddy about the progress. He hugged her and said, "See, God likes to help lambs too."

That night, we had the second prayer meeting where we meet in a friend's home, study and pray over concerns. The children prayed for Freckles. Friday morning Freckles was running about her pen. She called the whole flock over and tried to get in their pen. She cried and cried and played hide and seek with Jenny.

She ran away from the bottle and kept sticking her nose into the water bowl so that is where Jenny put the formula.

Freckles stuck her nose right into it and her whole body shivered like she did not like the feel on her nose. Funny sight! She put on a show for us.

Jesus had healed Freckles.

The next day she begged all day to go in with the rest of the flock and she was allowed to join them. She knows who her mother is but her mother is not willing yet for she does not smell the same to her.

Feb. 7, 2003