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Sabbath Fuel

  Sabbath on our way home to Washington, We stopped  in Tucson, Arizona to look up and attend a church. The fuel tank was on empty and I hoped it would be only a couple blocks. It was my continual prayer that I would have enough fuel without purchasing any on Sabbath. The church I found was Spanish speaking. Kyle insisted we find the English speaking church so he could understand things. 

  The sweet wife of the pastor kindly led us across town to the English church but insisted we come and share at 4pm. She loves the studies of the sanctuary and hoped I would agree. I told her how many hours it could take. She was willing to get a team together and announce it. I was happy to share. I really enjoyed them. I was amazed and thrilled God had answered my prayer as I saw that the truck made it without fuel till after Sabbath. God is good. He is greatly to be praised.