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On the way home it took several hours to get to Villahermosa from the island. I stopped to sleep two or three times. I was tired. I review my work as I drive and think of ways I could do better. I asked Him if I had pleased Him. All I wanted was an affirmation from my FATHER that I had done what He wanted. I asked for a rainbow while I stopped for food in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico at the Walmart. This was 1000 miles south of the border. The road home of 4,000 miles looked long and hard. Immediately, it began raining in the distance. The rainbow was a comfort satisfying me of MY FATHER'S PLEASURE IN ME.

As I left the parking lot, there was a red light. Many lanes heading the same direction showed me how much this city had grown in the thirty years since I had lived there a year doing volunteer nursing. A wheel chair caught my attention. A man without arms was at my window in the middle lane taking great risks to beg for sustenance. We shared some of the money God had given us. Then I reached into the truck door pocket and grabbed a Spanish Passion of Love book and tried to hand it to him. He raised the stump of an arm and I tucked it into his arm pit. He had such a pleased look on his face as he wheeled under the bridge for safety as traffic resumed  demolition derby scrambled driving. 

Most of the roads are marked better now but a couple places the road was impossible to figure out. I asked directions frequently at the toll roads. It was a good thing for one place after I paid 15 dollars to go on their road, they told me to get off and head a different way.

In the 15 day return trip there were opportunities to testify of the power of God. We were asked to share in Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and touched a few lives in between. God is rich enough to fly His workers wherever He wants. When He asks His missionaries to go another way, one must always ask Him what lessons we have to learn and who He wants to reach through us.