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Brilliant Light Seen in front of Dr. Rose

Eva came to the motel door to make sure we had all we needed. I was planning the trip to the beach. She was all excited about something God had done for her. She had to share it with me. I relate the story as best I can for she shared it with me in Spanish. I wish I had a translator  during her excited telling of this for there are more interesting details I did not catch.

She had attended the night meetings but on one particular evening she was suffering from the same symptoms that had made Kyle stay in bed in the motel. She was aching all over. 

She had some challenges that at times seemed so difficult that she was depressed and did not see much to live for. She came to meeting not feeling very good at all. 

As I completed the meeting, I invited all to come up into the courtyard of the sanctuary if they wanted a closer walk with Jesus. If they wanted His white robe about them, they were invited to come. We began singing together the song, "I'd Rather Have Jesus". I had prayed that Jesus would be very near and be the speaker and the teacher so I could also be learning from Him. I had asked for a coal from the altar of Incense in heaven. I wanted Jesus to be right by me always, telling me what was the most important for the hearts of those present.

As the Spanish strains of "I'd Rather have Jesus" progressed to second and third verse, the outer court of the sanctuary was filled and overflowing into the holy and most holy rooms. The stage was the largest we had ever worked on. There was enough room. Some descended the steps and yet were still inside. I had turned with my back slightly to the audience as I sang and shook hands with the guests in God's tent. My heart was bursting with joy and we sang the whole hymn a second time. About 95-99 percent of the audience had moved forward to walk with Jesus. I knew heaven was having a celebration.

Unknown to me, Eva was watching my face closely as I sang I would rather have Jesus than anything. Suddenly saw a bright light. Instead of directly seeing me, a large bright being passed in front of me. She said she wasn't sure how to describe the sensation of joy and thrill at seeing such a sight. She motioned with her hands over her arms expressing something in Spanish I could not understand. She looked like she was saying "shivers" or like we express the hairs on our arms standing up. Her face was glowing as she expressed the result of what she saw. As she gazed at this bright being, a flood of peace and joy came over her and wiped out all the depression. There was a relief from her pain and after that she had no more suffering. The experience was so precious, she feared to tell me thinking I might think she was crazy. After three days, she could not wait any longer and came to my motel door to tell me about it. Her gratitude for what Jesus did for her was evident all over her face.

Her heart was full of love for Jesus and she wanted to work for Him. She assured us that if there was anything at all that we needed, we could have it free. Our 17 days stay in their hotel was free. Any crackers or bottled water we needed was their gift to us. 

She asked where I was headed after she related the vision and discovered my son was suffering from the same symptoms she had had. She heard I was looking for a kite to bring joy to him during our little ocean excursion that Sunday morning. She gave us theirs. It was a cute caterpillar.

I was impressed to give her 300 Desire of Ages Passion books to place in each room as gifts to the motel occupants. She was thrilled her husband agreed to this. I wanted to buy Bibles also but she insisted that would be her project. She wanted to spend her own money on that.

Eva helped me on our last day by taking picture memories for me with my camera during the Feast of Tabernacle program. She recorded events we have never ever been able to capture. We praise God for her helpfulness. What a treasure she is to know.

Eva participated in preparations for a farewell dinner on the following Sunday at the pastor's home. The meal had been planned for Sabbath but I had agreed to go to the translator Amos' home for a delicious meal after church. Plans were postponed to Sunday. They invited my translator  Amos and his family also. This translator was a special gift from heaven to me. He was in the audience when Alma was translating. She studied hard and did her best but froze up in areas where we had not yet discussed the topics of the the sanctuary. Amos was the man God chose for the hour. He had already studied the sanctuary and loved its themes. This gave him an advantage in preparation for impromptu speaking. I had full liberty to speak for God with this man's help. God laid His hand on Amos. That is another story. 

The dinner was so very special to me although I was feeling nauseated and dizzy with an unbearable headache and weakness that progressed over the next 6 hours to a very troublesome illness. It was our plan to leave in the morning driving the 14 days home. God healed me also that night but that is another story.

 It was obvious all the ladies went to an extra amount of work as they lovingly prepared a beautiful meal and gave us presents. She kept taking pictures to make sure she would never forget her blessing from God.

  Of all the special things Jesus has done through me, this one seems the most precious. I cannot tell it without tears filling my eyes and experiencing a flood of a sense of my unworthiness and joy to be His instrument.




He whom my soul loveth walks invisible beside me. Amazing Grace p. 264 He promised to do this. (Mathew 28: 19,20) He is honored when we move out in faith and share the good news of His love. He even says our feet are beautiful.  (Is. 52:7)

He says that a correct understanding of the sanctuary is critical for the survival of our faith in the end of time  this is why these meetings are so valuable to me and to those who come and learn. I learn more every time I share this. I have had fun studying this for 30 years. For twenty years I have shared the sanctuary using my walk through model throughout the North West and to Missouri and Kansas.  Never has anyone told me they saw a brilliant heavenly being as I spoke. This is one very precious event for me.

The subject of the sanctuary and the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God. All need a knowledge for themselves of the position and work of their great High Priest. Otherwise it will be impossible for them to exercise faith which is essential at this time, or to occupy the position which God designs them to fill. Ev. 221

Unless they keep their lamps trimmed and burning, they will fail of receiving added grace in times of special need.  {AA 55.2}

     Those only who are constantly receiving fresh supplies of grace, will have power proportionate to their daily need and their ability to use that power.

Those preparing for translation
“If ever there was a time when the diet should be of the most simple kind, it is now…Grains and fruits prepared free from grease, and in as natural a condition as possible, should be the food for the tables of all those who claim to be preparing for translation to heaven.” CDF 355, 2T 352


Jesus asks us never to become weary of well doing. I pray that I will always be looking for ways to share. I want to see Jesus face to face. I want to live forever in the place He has prepared for me to serve in heaven. I would rather have Jesus than gold, silver, houses, lands, men’s applause, or anything.

  Some get tired of working and would rather play and refuse to serve any more. I have agony of soul for these people. They get tired of giving funds and or time to do God’s work. They loose out on heaven.  


He does not discern that a life of faithfulness to God in every item of his work, will finally work for him a character fitted for heaven through the grace of Christ, so richly to be imparted to those who work for him. But he neglects all the precious provisions of the grace of God, and becomes guilty before heaven. It is impossible for one who has only a meager knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ whom he hath sent, to represent God correctly, or to wage the Christian warfare, gaining victories over temptation to indifference and indolence. He is purposeless, and that which he might have done with his original talent is left undone; and when he is weighed in the balances of the sanctuary, the verdict is passed, "Weighed and found wanting." He is held accountable for all that a true Christian might have done with his intrusted talent. But because he had no realization of his responsibility, he frittered away his time, used his holidays for the gratification of self, and instead of training his powers to serve the noblest uses in becoming a missionary for God, in speaking to his associates and winning them from sin to God, he failed to represent the interests of his Master, and his light did not shine forth in good works to the world. The truth that is not permitted to work sanctification in the life, works out a savor of death unto death. How did this soul become released from the claims of God, that he might venture to do his own will, as if God had given him life to fritter away as a long holiday? It was the neglect of God's great love, his failure to meet the wise design of his Redeemer, that separated him from his heavenly Father; for when God cannot use a soul as his human agent to glorify his name by the salvation of others, he terms him an unprofitable servant, whose influence is not of a character to gather with Christ. Young friends, what course are you pursuing? Will you be among the class who are called wicked and slothful servants, or among those who are invited into the joy of their Lord, because they are true and faithful through the grace of Christ?

                                                        Mrs. E. G. White.  {YI, June 8, 1893 par. 7}