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New Cloth for the Ark

It was the intended plan in Mexico this 2004-2005 trip that the ark would be ported in on the shoulders of four men dressed in white for the opening of the sanctuary series and maybe the closing night. The procession began by singing the song, "I sing the Mighty Power of God". 

We have taught sanctuary program in many places in America over the years. For out of state or out of country, we have used a card board model that can fit in smaller spaces and is lighter. This card board model we never covered and carried for the cloth weight would crush the model.

The people liked the procession in Mexico, so much that they requested it be done the same way each night. The gold tasseled blue cloth covering was 20 years old. It was very fragile and I watched with concern when at times it was caught under the ark yet it was pulled quickly without lifting the weight of the ark off. Little holes were seen over the angels. I knew that patching such holes would make more rips for the cloth was so old.

One night as the ark was being readied for entrance, a sweet lady was walking behind me.  I wish I knew her name. She made an impact on the presentations for many sessions ahead of what they were receiving in their own church. I made the comment that the ark needed a new cloth for it was tearing and it was really too old to mend. She came with measuring tape and went out to find a suitable cloth and tassel.

The next day she had this beautiful work all finished and ready to cover the ark. The cloth was better and had a rich sheen to it. The tassel was just right. Her comment was that she was so worried it would not be good enough. It is not easy to sew this type of material for is slips on the machine.






The respect and sacredness of the symbol was improved with this fine cloth. The fragrance of her loving gift will always be remembered. Like Mary she gave her best.