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Going Home


  Kyle's health improved rapidly as we headed home. The symptoms of Dengue fever had nearly all gone. His depression lifted. There were so many mosquitoes in our hotel room. Jenny also recovered and I only had exhaustion from travel. We had eaten very well of whole grains and fruits and vegetables.
  Once we entered USA, the roads made for more miles a day traveled. The roads in America make it easier to get more miles covered in a day. I cover about 500-700 miles a day pulling the trailer and that is enough.


We affectionately call the pickup "God's Elephante" (Elephante de Dios). It had been just the blessing we needed for the roads we had to travel. We pulled down the tail gate and had clinic right out of the back of the pickup. We just put chairs out and the pastor informed the village and they came.

  God knows just what we need. In Psalms 50 it says He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He also owns the GMC 4X4 Z7 dual cab  pickups on a thousand freeways. He made sure there was a hitch on the truck exactly the same as my hitch on the trailer. God also owns the gas stations that are needed to feed HIS elephante. It does eat a lot! The trailer, tail to the elephante, was also a very important part to God's miracles. Carrying the ark down cost double through every toll road. However, it encouraged consecration in the hearts of all who had the responsibility of carrying this symbol of God's presence. The ark was carried into meeting covered with blue cloth. Four men dressed in white with hats carried the ark in at the beginning of each meeting while the audience stood and we sang "I sing the mighty power of God" Jenny played the flute and I walked in with Bible and wearing the robes of the high priest. I would watch the ark go ahead of me and the fear would leave as I realized, Jesus was there on the stage ahead of me and HE only can touch the hearts.
  One lady saw HIM or an angel pass in front of me while I was singing and calling the audience to accept Jesus. We were singing, "I'd rather have Jesus than anything." She felt HIM heal her as she watched. That story is in a separate account.

  It encouraged me knowing I was pulling this ark along. It is a symbol of God's presence. It was wrapped in blue tarps throughout the whole journey on the roads.
   It takes so much space to turn God's elephant around in comparison to the little Volkswagens in Mexico that we were often spending 20 minutes going back and forth an inch at a time on the little dirt roads and through their narrow gates. When there were open spaces without speed bumps, the Mexican brothers would laugh and say, "Now make your elephante run."

  In our journey home through Arizona we were surprised to need to open up all the ropes securing the sanctuary supplies in the trailer. It took a long time for it was carefully tarped twice to keep the ark and curtains dry and clean. We discovered since the problems and fears that face our country, that all must be carefully examined before crossing Hoover Dam and all other dams that are vital to our country power supplies. The officer helped us with the untying and retying up again of our ropes. He faithfully checked the trailer contents, all the while we had opportunities to share our faith.
  The tall saguaro cactus were impressive as we drove down Hwy 95 towards Las Vegas. The cactus was much taller than all other cacti and sage brush about it. For miles one could see these monuments testifying of God's creative power.

Every time I stopped to sleep along the road, I tried to choose a place where Jenny and Kyle would have something to explore. I would either crawl into the back of the pickup where I had prepared a bed above the bags, or I would tilt the seat back and sleep. While I slept 30 minutes to an hour, God guarded the teenagers as they looked at the surroundings and got a little exercise. The craft stores were such a blessing for us as it broke into the monotony of miles of driving. We now have completed 2,700 miles since leaving the island in the Caribbean where we were working last in Mexico. (Ciudad del Carman). We have a total of 3,800 in the journey. We sing as we go and memorize scripture that I prepare on papers at night to learn during the day.

I have enjoyed the mandarin oranges we bought in Texas which it was claimed by the vender that these had come out of Mexico. We had tasted these delicious fruits while near Tampico, Mexico. They were sold there on strings hanging from little shacks along the road. We knew we could not take any through the border so we ate all we bought.
  The pickup  without complaint pulls the little trailer full of sanctuary props. These props were needed in Tucson as they pleaded with us to set up the sanctuary. They promised to help. It took 3 hours with all the willing hands and we gave a 1.5 hour program till they looked too tired to hear more. Quickly it was repacked into the trailer and we were treated royally to vegan vegetable pizza (no cheese or milk) and given the beds of the pastor and his wife in their little apartment. They slept on the sofa.  We had a delightful time for visiting in Spanish till late. 
  Friday night we pulled into a motel 8  in Lordsburg Ariz. expecting the usual and were shocked as the long haired angry looking manager threatened us. Something about us caused him alarm. He told us we could park anywhere but 50 feet from the motel. If we tried to park on his black top parking area, he would charge us for 2 rooms for the trailer would take up too much space. Never had we ever had anyone act this way. It was a little old run down town and his attitude made us uneasy. I had already paid for the room with the card and knew he would not return any funds. He watched to see if we would try to sneak in a pet. I had asked how cold it would get at night and wanted to keep my mandarin oranges from freezing at night. He said it dropped to 20 degrees F at night. I gathered in the fruit and he watched to see if there was a pet. The room was not clean. The toilet was full from some other occupant before us. The tub was not clean. Oh----fun! We left early in the morning Sabbath in search of an Adventist church in Tucson.

The desert was full of blossoms. The Joshua trees were amazing for out of miles of flat nothing stood these monuments with many blossoms. They were striking for their contrast to the surroundings. It reminded me of those who stand true to God in the middle of the desert of sin. There was a giant of a man who came up to Jenny to tease her while she pumped the fuel. She was wearing a cute long deep blue velvet dress for it was the last clean item to put on that morning. Her blond hair was flowing free in the wind and her happy smile caught his attention. He laughed at her shoes. He said she was dressed up so nice in her velvet dress but had on shoes that did not really go with her dress. He kept staring at us strange and came up within inches of us. He asked if we were from America because there was something strange about us. What was it? Was he seeing Jesus in our faces and puzzling over what made us different? It reminded me of pilgrim in pilgrim's progress when they scorned and laughed at him at vanity fair. Everywhere we went different people asked us what religion we had. Like the Joshua tree, something about us made such a strong contrast that comments were being made. Christians told us they knew we loved God from the moment they first saw us.


  This giant of a man was selling blankets nearby for a living.  His comments about us being rich and his breaking through social distance made us uneasy. He himself seemed puzzled why he was drawn to us. I knew we have a strong invisible body guard. I did not need to be afraid. I wished I had some literature to give him but I'd given out the last I could find that was not buried in the trailer under 2 layers of tarps. He got in our face. He demanded a reason for Jenny wearing a gorgeous blue velvet dress and shoes that were hiking boots. Then he had to comment about her purse that was made out of a coconut with a zipper where it had been cut in half. He was within a couple inches from us and towered above us and spoke so roughly.  Something made him keep coming back and coming so close. He offered Jenny a gift from his wife if she would just go over to her. She fled in fear.

Christ's followers are sent to the world with the message of peace. Whoever, by the quiet, unconscious influence of a holy life, shall reveal the love of Christ; whoever, by word or deed, shall lead another to renounce sin and yield his heart to God, is a peacemaker. . . .  {AG 320.4}
     The spirit of peace is evidence of their connection with heaven. The sweet savor of Christ surrounds them. The fragrance of the life, the loveliness of the character, reveal to the world the fact that they are children of God. Men take knowledge of them that they have been with Jesus.  {AG 320.5}

I was falling asleep so many times after the sun went down as we left Las Vegas. We were ready to take the first motel we could see. There was a sign for a motel 6 in 1 hour and that hour seemed forever. Kyle entertained me with his chatter and surprises with spraying water on me in attempts to keep me awake. He is so funny.

Finally we found the Motel 6 in Beatty. The gal on duty remembered us from our stop on the way to Mexico. How can one night make an impression on a heart that lasts 2 months? We did not do anything special for her. What is God doing when He sends us driving all the way to Mexico? Why did not our rich heavenly Father just pay for our flight? Is it not a high risk to send us exhausted travelers over all those miles of nothing with no people or houses? What does He accomplish in a 5 minute interview with those whom our lives touch for just a moment? In heaven God will teach us why He chose to have us drive 8,000 miles to do 3 evangelistic series for Him. I have been taught a big lesson. No matter where we are, God has work for us to do. The goal of rendering free medical clinics and providing the sanctuary program is only part of the whole project. The CAPTAIN Jesus has a greater project than our eyes or minds can grasp.

  After Fallon we went to Redding, California and saw mom and sis Jeanie. The next night we spent in Glide, Oregon with Aunt Gwen and Uncle Wes. In each place we shared our testimony as it promises in Revelation 12:11 we can do. We can over come the accuser by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. This set of stories of the word of my testimony where I saw the power of God.

From there we headed home but could not get past Kennewick. The fog was so thick we stopped in the Quinta. It was the most expensive stop of all the motel stays. The fog was so thick I reasoned that an accident would cost more than a motel stay so I bit my lip and paid 70 dollars. I felt sick to my stomach over the dollars that could have been used towards the India trip coming so soon but it was better than having a car accident from the dense fog. The next morning we had the same fog for 80 miles. It was a little easier in the daytime however.

  We reached home by February 2.