Trust in God

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Some children, teenagers and even adults wake up grumpy. This is a personal choice. You don't have to be that way. You can choose to wake up singing and bouncy and thankful.
As soon as you wake up thank God for at least 10 things. Some things would be that you awakened. Another could be for fresh air. Some other things  could be for the sunlight, that all of the body is working right, that you can see and hear etc.  Thank God that you had a good night of sleep. Thank Him for clothing and for your family and for your computer and your pets.

Trust God that He will give you all that you need for the day so you do not have to be grumpy to get anything.

This is a choice. You can choose to make yourself miserable and be grumpy or determine to be bouncy and happy no matter what has happened to you. If you have just gone through a terrible event. You can choose to think about it all the time or you can choose to think "where do we go from here?"
Joy increases the number of cells that your bone marrow can produce. The Bible says that a sorrowful heart dries up the bones. You do not have to be at the ocean to be happy. You can see beauty all around you if you look. If you are in a wheel chair, thank God you have the chair. We have seen so many in other countries who had to crawl. If all you can do is crawl, thank God you can do that.
There are so many fun things that you can remember to be thankful for. It is good to keep a record of these. When you are tempted to be sad and downcast, think about the fun events in your life. Think about all the positive things that have happened to you.
There are simple pleasures that we forget to be thankful for.
What needs to happen to you for you to feel good?

Do you need money?

Do you need a full stomach?

Do you want to be appreciated?

Do you need a pet?


You decide what it is. Then look at each answer to this question. Really nothing has to happen to feel good. You just need to decide to be positive.

Cigarette advertisements  try to anchor you to something that is positive and tie it to smoking. They associate smoking with smiles, youth, and friends. They never picture a person with an oxygen tank tied to him and him gasping for air.
An anchor keeps the ship from floating into the rocks. It keeps the ship secure. This giant anchor is for a huge ship.
An anchor needs to be big enough to dig into the rock and hold the ship. Your anchor can be Jesus. 

If you want more friends, picture yourself happy, joyful and surrounded by people. To have friends, you need to have a positive attitude. You need to be friendly and help others. The best way to have the right kind of friends is to first be a friend of JESUS. This brings the most joy and friends.

The best anchor for this is to plan to be like Jesus. Spend an hour a day looking at His life and what He did. You can read the book of Mathew over and over. You can also read one of my favorite books on the life of Jesus. It is called, Desire of Ages.  Write to me if you can not find this book in the store. I do not go anywhere in the world without this book and my Bible. I read it daily. 

Jesus always sang as he worked. He was kind and helpful to His parents. He did extra chores. He also helped people out that others picked on.

People  felt better when they were around HIM. 

There were some that were jealous and hated HIM. That was because they wanted all the people to worship them and their talents. They were jealous because of how popular He was. Not everyone will like you. If you copy the ways of Jesus,

Rules you establish in your mind determine whether you plan to be cheerful or sad. Some think they must have a good report card, then they will be happy.
Some have rules on what pretty is. Many ladies think they are not valuable unless they are pretty. Well the standards for beauty change. One hundred years ago in America a pretty lady was one who was stout, strong, and could work hard. She needed to be a little chubby. Today in America being more slender is beautiful.
Each culture has rules as to what makes a lady beautiful.

How do you know if you are a good person?

Rules are in your mind. These rules are placed there by the society and culture you live in. They are placed there by your parents, and your religious beliefs. They are also placed there by what you see in magazines and on Television. Schooling places these rules in your mind.

These rules control your responses to every thing every minute that you live.

Singing songs about Jesus and heaven has an amazing effect on your health. If you are really enthusiastic in the singing, the immune responses in your body are increased. Studies on choir performers have showed an increase of a certain element in the saliva that is an immune response. This increase happens after they enthusiastically sing for just one hour. Imagine how healthy you can be if you sing all day.

We need Godly rules. These can be found daily as we study how Jesus lived. He is the best. As we pray for God to lead us, we find the answers to our happiness. He helps us deal with all our challenges. He helps us to have a positive attitude.

Determine to act like Jesus instead of reacting to every insult that comes your way. Determine to trust all that happens into the hands of Jesus. He will make sure that all things work together for good because you love Him.

This has been "Your Daily Dose" from Dr. Rose