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Sunlight is better than medicine. It helps the body in so many ways.
If you have trees and shrubs up real close to your house, it shuts out sunlight. The shade seems nice in hot days but you really need the sun to help keep the home clean from germs. Many think it is more important to keep their homes cooler during summer but it ends up causing more health problems than it helps. The falling leaves also grow molds that enter your lungs and cause asthma, and other diseases. These molds and bacteria can cause sore throats and runny noses. People with arthritis hurt more if there are trees close causing this shade. The cold dampness that it encourages cause more pain in conditions of arthritis. There must be a good  space of perhaps about 20 feet between the home and the closest trees and shrubs. This will allow  sunlight to enter and purify the home.
Experiments using a microscope have shown that in the windowsills where sunlight is, there are fewer bacteria. It does not kill the germs that have a hard coat on them but it kills many different bacteria, fungus, and viruses. It is important to have it inside the home.
Fungus grow from tiny spores that you can not see unless you have a microscope. They can grow into a huge form like this one.
Sunlight increases the number of white blood cells and stimulates their ability to destroy both germs and cancer cells. White cells are the bodies soldiers. Sunlight increases gamma globulin which is a protein that helps the body fight infection.
Sunlight helps the newborn baby if it has jaundice. The liver is not mature enough often at birth to handle the break down  products of the blood. Just a 15 minute daily or twice a day sunbath helps the newborn baby deal with the problem. This was discovered in a nursery by watching which babies were near a window. Direct sunlight is good for the baby. Be careful to cover its eyes.
Sunlight also helps improve the circulation of the blood. It increases the ability of the heart to sent the blood out. Each contraction of heart muscles sends out more blood. The sunlight also helps bring blood pressure to normal.
Diabetics have trouble with too high of blood sugar. Some people have the opposite problem with too low of blood sugar. Sunlight helps elevate the sugar in those with  it too low like in hypoglycemia. Sunlight also helps those with sugar too high. It is important for the insulin-dependent diabetic to decrease their insulin dose before sunbathing to avoid lowering blood sugar to a dangerous level..
Cholesterol is another thing affected by sunlight. Sunlight may decrease cholesterol by more than 30 percent.
Muscle tone and endurance is improved by sunlight. It is much better to exercise outdoors in sunlight than indoors.
Healing is promoted by sunlight. Since harmful bacteria, fungus, and viruses are killed by sunlight, it is much easier for wounds to heal if they get sunbathed. That means it is better to go without the  bandage during short sunbaths. Make sure the flies do not crawl on the wound and bring in more germs.
Thyroid gland function is improved by sunlight.
Stress is reduced by sunlight. 
Sunlight changes cholesterol and ergo sterol in the skin to vitamin D. Vitamin D has an important part in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, which are very important for bone and teeth development.
Too much sunlight can make your skin look old. It can cause skin cancer, and damage eyes by encouraging the formation of cataracts.
Watch the skin often for any change in mores such as a mole or skin spot that changes shape, color, or size. If you have a sore on your skin that does not heal, this needs to be checked out for cancer.
These are things one can do to prevent skin cancer and still get sunlight doctor to do good things for you:

1. Avoid getting burned by the sun. Do not allow long periods of sun exposure.

2. In the middle of the day, the sun is the most dangerous. From 10AM to 3PM the sun is the most dangerous for causing cancer.

3. Wear a protective hat and clothing. You can still absorb the health giving sunrays through light cotton cloth.

4. There is an amazing connection between what you eat and how the sun affects you for causing skin cancer. Foods high in fat promote skin cancer. Foods with cholesterol, saturated and polyunsaturated fats help one get skin cancers. Animal products such as eggs, milk and meats contain these  fats which can help skin cancer develop when you are in the sun.

Foods low in fat are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, raw nuts and seeds. These are rich in cancer-preventing compounds. For example the blueberries are one of the very best fruits. They have antioxidant substances.

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