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One of the best ways to help your body digest your food is to have fresh air. You can go for a nice walk after eating. Breathe deeply of the fresh air. Then open the windows of your house and air it all out. This fresh air brings more oxygen and air that is not heavy with dust. If you live in the country it is much easier to get fresh air into the house when you open your windows.
Fresh salty air at the ocean has helped many people recover from problems with their lungs.
Hiking in the mountains invigorates the whole person. The blood stream is purified and the speed of circulation is so much improved. This is a great activity.
It is important to do all you can to be healthy because it increases your ability to perform in school, at work, and helps you think of new creative ideas for improvements. It increases your positive outlook, increases your immune system so you do not get sick as easily. Fresh air and exercise helps you live longer and makes you get more done in a day. Your energy level will improve and you will feel good about yourself. Try it. You'll like it.

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"Many have been taught that night air is positively injurious to health, and therefore must be excluded from their rooms. One autumn evening I was traveling in a crowded car. The exhalations from so many lungs and bodies rendered the atmosphere very impure, and caused a sickening sensation to come over me. I raised my window, and was enjoying the fresh air, when a lady in earnest, imploring tones, cried out, "Do put down that window! You will take cold and be sick; the night air is so unhealthful!" I replied, "Madam, we have no other air than night air, in this car or out of it. If you refuse to breathe the night air, you must stop breathing." In the cool of the evening it may be necessary to guard against chilliness by extra clothing; but there should be a free circulation of pure air through the room during sleeping hours. The free air of heaven, by day or night, is one of the richest blessings we can enjoy. {CTBH 104.1}
Fresh air will purify the blood, refresh the body, and help to make it strong and healthy. The invigoration produced will be reflected upon the mind, imparting to it tone and clearness, as well as a degree of composure and serenity. It gives a healthful stimulus to the appetite, renders the digestion of food more perfect, and induces sound, sweet sleep. Living in close, ill-ventilated rooms, weakens the system, makes the mind gloomy, the skin sallow, and the circulation feeble; the blood moves sluggishly, digestion is retarded, and the system is rendered peculiarly sensitive to cold. One should so accustom himself to fresh, cool air that he will not be affected by slight changes of temperature. Of course he should be careful not to sit in a draft or in a cold room when weary, or when in a perspiration. {CTBH 104.2}
Many labor under the mistaken idea that if they have taken cold they must carefully exclude the outside air, and increase the temperature of the room until it is excessively hot. But the system of one suffering with cold 
is deranged, the pores are closed by waste matter, and there is more or less inflammation of the internal organs, because the blood has been chilled back from the surface, and thrown upon them. At this time, of all others, the lungs should not be deprived of pure air. Judicious exercise would induce the blood to the surface, and thus relieve the internal organs. The power of the will is a great help in resisting cold, and giving energy to the nervous system. To deprive the lungs of air, is like depriving the stomach of food. Air is the food that God has provided for the lungs. Welcome it; cultivate a love for it, as a precious boon of heaven. {CTBH 104.3} Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, by Ellen White. 

Many labor under the mistaken idea that if they have taken cold, they must carefully exclude the outside air and increase the temperature of their room until it is excessively hot. The system may be deranged, the pores closed by waste matter, and the internal organs suffering more or less inflammation, because the blood has been chilled back from the surface and thrown upon them. At this time, of all others, the lungs should not be deprived of pure, fresh air. If pure air is ever necessary, it is when any part of the system, as the lungs or stomach, is diseased. Judicious exercise would induce the blood to the surface and thus relieve the internal organs. Brisk, yet not violent, exercise in the open air, with cheerfulness of spirits, will promote the circulation, giving a healthful glow to the skin, and sending the blood, vitalized by the pure air, to the extremities. The diseased stomach will find relief by exercise. Physicians frequently advise invalids to visit foreign countries, to go to the springs, or to ride upon the ocean, in order to regain health; when, in nine cases out of ten, if they would eat temperately and engage in healthful exercise with a cheerful spirit, they would regain health and save time and money. Exercise and a free and abundant use of the air and sunlight--blessings which Heaven has freely bestowed upon all--would give life and strength to the emaciated invalid. . . . {CH 53.3} Counsels on Health by Ellen White
The strength of the system is, in a great degree, dependent upon the amount of fresh air breathed. If the lungs are restricted, the quantity of oxygen received into them is also limited, the blood becomes vitiated, and disease follows.--H. R. {HL 176.1} Healthful Living