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Another good health rule which is better than a doctor can do for you, is to be careful not to take into the body anything that harms it. This takes a strong determination. Only God can help you be strong when people urge you to have some with them. I am speaking about drugs, alcohol, and any other thing known to harm your body. First I want to speak about alcohol.
Alcohol is a dangerous drug which causes tremendous problems to others. It hurts those who do not even drink it. A person that has just had one drink has a slower reaction time while driving. The vision is changed and it is so much easier to crash into another car and kill innocent people who never drink. Pregnant mothers who drink can harm their unborn babies for life. 

While a policeman is drunk, they may not enforce the law correctly. A pastor or priest who is drunk will not speak Bible truths very clearly. A person who is drunk and trying to judge, can render a wrong sentence. A pilot who has a drink can cause the death of all the passengers on board the airplane. A doctor who is drunk while working can make terrible mistakes. It can cause the death of the person who came to them for help. Drinking changes how you think. Just a little can cause the death of another person. Just a little can cause death of cells in your brain. It decreases your ability to be smart every time you drink.

When one stops along the road to drink they are more likely to throw their garbage on the ground. While under the influence of alcohol a person who normally is clean and tidy, becomes a messy person.
When a drink is taken nice people act strange. They cannot even walk a straight line. Their balance is off.
One drink takes an hour to get out of the body. Many people do not stop with just one drink.
God was very unhappy with these two priests that worked in the temple. They had just been dedicated and they went out to get drunk. The next morning they went into the temple and did their work wrong. They were rude and disrespectful to God because they were drunk. God had strictly forbidden the use of alcohol yet they disobeyed. The punishment was death by fire while they were in God's house. They knew better. They had just promised they would not disobey and they made this fatal mistake.
God does not strike people down who drink. He is willing to help them make something good of themselves. Each person is valuable to HIM. Their bodies are the temple of God and they need to clean up their habits. Many children are born with deformities and handicaps because their parents drank alcohol.
Laws are becoming stricter against those who drink and drive. The mangled cars and lives often cannot be repaired. The best policy is to decide to put away the habit and seek help. God can change your desires for alcohol. Prayer can change everything.
Some boys feel it is the manly macho thing to smoke. They think it looks tough and cool.

A young teenager in the country of Ukraine brought me his drawing of a young boy, himself,  tied to his cigarette. He pointed to himself sadly and shook his head. We did not speak the same language but I motioned to him that Jesus in heaven could cut through the ropes of habit on the cigarettes and set him free. He smiled. A few days later he proudly announced that Jesus had set him free.

Cigarettes are an item that take so much money away from the needed food and clothing items in many families of the world. Many end up stealing so they can get cigarettes or alcohol or other drugs.
There are poisons in these cigarettes that slowly kill the body. 

This giant cigarette illustrates the amount of poison that enters the body in one year from smoking 1 pack a day. Kick the habit before it kills. Don't ever start the habit.

There are over 4,000 chemical compounds found in cigarette smoke. This is a partial list of the major toxic agents.

Arsenic,  Ammonia,  Acetaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, Cresols, formaldehyde, Hydrogen Cyanide, Phenol, and Urethane.

When a mother smokes while she is pregnant, the baby ends up getting the poison also. It is like they are smoking too.  These children are born with less abilities mentally and smaller bodies.
Advertisements lead you to think it is fun and brings joy and friends. Actually you are destroying your life and the lives of others around you. The unborn child can not move to another room while you do the smoking.
Smoking actually shortens your life and health. You never see pictures of one who is very short of breath struggling to get air because they smoked most of their lives.
Many think it is an innocent thing. Yet smoking is so habit forming that it is like ropes. In order to break the habit it takes a big effort. If smoking is associated with the time right after eating, one can choose to take a brisk walk during that time.

During the time one is trying to break away from the habit, one needs a great determination, prayer, and a lot of water. It helps to have a team of helpers too. With God as  Partner in breaking the habit, it will be a winning battle.


There are many children and teenagers trapped into using drugs. They do not know how to get out. The easiest way is to never try it. The following page is an effort to help you identify the dangers and give you ways to get free.
Susie was troubled about her daddy's problem of smoking pipe. She wanted to do something to help her beloved daddy. She thought about it for a long time and had a bright idea.
She would ask her daddy for a garden plot. 

She went to him and sweetly asked for a little piece of land to work up. He wondered what she would do with the land. She did not tell her plan. Finally he granted her wish.

She started up right away and prepared the soil. She worked hard to get it all ready. She was planning to make a burial ground for daddy's pipe. 

When the land was ready she slipped into the house to find his pipe while he was busy and would not notice her. She quickly buried it and put a grave stone above it.

She felt so good about what she had done, that she hurried off to find the snuff box of another relative. It was also buried. She skipped off to find another item to bury. By nightfall she had quite a large amount of items in her burial ground.
She made a label for each grave marker with a message about the drug. She did such a cute job that the family who were looking for the missing poisons, had to accept the gentle reproof and try to overcome their bad habits.

We can each pray for ways to help our families. We love them and do not want them to poison themselves. We can pray for them and show them love.

There are things in the diet that can make a person have a harder time giving up an addiction. The stimulants such as tea, coffee, Cola drinks, and mild and hot pepper that make the craving worse. These must be taken off our eating list.
Drink 10 glasses of water a day, get 7-8 hours sleep, and exercise every morning. These will make the body able to rid itself of poisons much quicker.
The cravings diminish quicker if the body is constantly bathed inside and 2-3 baths a day.

Bathing opens up the pores in the skin and allows the poison to exit.

Friends influence us to do certain things we  may have chosen not to do. If our friends keep on drugs, we need to choose other friends to spend our time with. Our companions make a difference in our lives. We cannot choose family members. They are living with us.  That makes our choices even harder. But God has promised us help. We just need to say 3 words. "Help me Jesus". He can help you choose to never use drugs again. Every time you are tempted, HE can help.
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