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Rest is extremely important to both physical and mental health. A change of activity is one way to get rest. If you are in school, the best change is to go to the garden and work.
Most people require 8 hours of sleep a night. The best quality of sleep is during the hours before midnight. You should  go to bed before 10PM for the best rest.

The amazing fact about sleep is the best time is before midnight. The math is amazing. 1=4. Many of the body hormones are being made before midnight while one is asleep.

1 hr before = 4 hrs after  That means it is better to go to bed by 8 or 9 and get up early. You get more hormone supplies made during those hours of sleep. You will be stronger, smarter, and get better grades in school and do better in your business if you do this.

We sleep best if the stomach is empty. Make sure 2-3 hours have gone by since you ate your last meal. Do not drink milk or other juice just before going to bed if you want to avoid crazy dreams.
If you like real bad night mares then eat nuts and a big meal before going to sleep. Also it is a great way to have heart burn or reflux. The next day you are more irritable if your rest has been disturbed.
When a person is short on rest, the projects always look worse. The nerves are tense and everything seems to go wrong. Stress is much easier to handle if you have had your rest.

Sleep and a change of activity bring rest.

This business man is much more relaxed and is still getting his work done. The sunshine, fresh air, and change of setting helps his stress level. This is a more restful way to do work.
The number of days one works should not be more than 6. The body needs one day of rest. It was created that way. In Genesis, the Bible says God created the world and rested on the 7th day. This is a very important health practice for the mind and body. The first day of the week is Sunday and the 7th is Saturday. God made this a day of rest and said it was HOLY. We are to gain rest and refreshment from spending time studying the things He has made and in study of the Bible.

One day breaks the stress cycle.  There are studies that prove the production level increases if there is a day off from work.


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