Dreamed I saw Jesus

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I Dreamed I saw Jesus

In 1979, when we lived in Loma Linda California, we had many dear friends and had lots of fun with them.  On August five, we had a delightful outing. During this camp out at Mead Lake with friends Kay and Rick Henderson, Lindy and husband and Arnie Barret, I had a dream during the night that I saw Jesus coming in the clouds. The small cloud in the East became bigger and bigger until I could see the lovely face of Jesus. He had such a kind face.
When Jesus looked at me, He sadly shook His head. Instantly the reason flashed into my mind. I had shorted out my Bible study time because I was so busy making medical school goals my "god". I crammed Organic Chemistry classes into one summer and shortened my time daily with God.  My devotion time with God was very hurried and I had stopped my evening times of prayer and study. I was shutting out my BEST FRIEND. He loved me so much He gave me the dream to warn me of where I was headed.
I awoke with serious thoughts. I did not want to miss out on heaven. Quietly there in the tent, while all the other campers were sleeping, I wondered how I could be sure that I would not see a sad face Jesus refusing me entrance into heaven because I was not ready. I had the little book "Steps to Christ" along. As it began to get lighter, I began to read. I think God planned what page I should read. I just opened and started reading.  Reading on the chapter of prayer, I read that if I was really seeking to be closer to Jesus and to get ready for His coming, I would attend the mid week prayer meeting services at the church. I would go where ever people gathered together for prayer. I was already attending church once a week.
I had a friend Lindy who always urged me to go with her but even though I promised, I found myself too busy or just forgot. I was struggling to get high grades in organic chemistry. I wanted to get into medical school. I felt I had to do my best so I could be a missionary doctor for Jesus. In the process of this busy schooling, I was pushing God out of my life. I did not spend more than a few minutes as I rushed out the door each day.

 I promised God right there in the tent that morning, if He would remind me, I would always go. 

I did not do well on the exam the day after prayer meeting and sat in the library blaming God for I had gone to prayer meeting. A young college age man came up to me. I had never seen him before or after. He gently said he noticed I was upset. I told him why and he said something I never forgot. "If God wants you to be a doctor, there will be nothing that can stop you if you put HIM first." I would make a much better doctor that way too.

I so much want to be ready when my Jesus comes. He has reminded me and since that time, I have enjoyed the blessing that comes with studying with others who like to pray. I also enjoy my quiet time with Jesus every morning and evening. I wake up talking to Him. In the middle of the night if I wake up I pray. All day long I pray. When I am cooking a meal and add oil, I pray that God will give me the oil of kindness to my lips and the oil of the Holy Spirit. When I wash my hands with soap or wash the dishes, I pray God will clean my heart and scrub it well. When I sweep, I ask Jesus to clean all the dirt from my character. When I pull weeds in my garden, I ask Jesus to pull the weeds out of my character.

This was a warning type of dream. I hope it never comes true. I thank Jesus from the bottom of my heart that He loved me enough to warn me.

 How I want to be ready when Jesus comes. I pray every day that He will help me get ready, no matter what it takes. No matter what trial I must go through, I have to be ready. I want to go home with Jesus to the place He has prepared for me. I want to hear God singing in the garden He gives to me.  (Zephaniah 3:17)

I want to have all people who have been encouraged by my testimony to come eat strawberries from my big strawberry patch. Dear reader, will you meet me at my place? I will have a special plate all fixed up for you. I want to serve you my finest berries. I will have some delightful grapes and many flowers too. I can hardly wait. Keep the commandments and the testimony of Jesus, my friend. Be faithful to Jesus and He will take you to heaven when He comes.

And now, little children, abide in Him; that when He shall appear; we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at His coming. I John 2:28

Do not turn from His gentle calls or His calls to you will come less frequently and quieter until He finally leaves you alone out of respect for your choice.