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L3 Preparation

DAT12.gif (8183 bytes)Ten days before this special day, trumpets sounded out the reminder that it was coming in 10 days so people could start getting ready. They needed to find people they hated and make things right between them. They needed to be forgiven for every sin.

On the day before this special day, the stores and repair shops were closed. Everyone spent the whole day scrubbing. They scrubbed clothes, tents, and searched their hearts. They sat quietly and thought about what they had said and what they had done. If anything had been stolen it was to be given back or paid for. If they had told a lie they were to tell the truth and ask for forgiveness. If they had been sassy to their parents they were to ask for forgiveness. Everything had to be taken care of before the clean up time in the tabernacle. There was a special diet that was very simple. They were to eat only simple food and drink water. Their minds needed to be very clear to hear what God wanted them to change in their lives.

DAT13.gif (26373 bytes)Sin separates you from God. It makes you feel sad and tired; guilty and afraid. You must ask for forgiveness before you can be at-one-ment with God. So you can feel comfortable with God close to you. You do not want to be afraid or angry with God.


  DAT14.gif (29598 bytes)God wants you to feel safe and comfortable when you are near to Him. This is at-one-ment. It is like when your mom or dad is rocking you just before you go to sleep. You should have no fear when all of your sins are forgiven.

God can help you want to obey. God can help you want to be unselfish and kind.