3 Books

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L5 Three Books


DAT22.gif (12642 bytes)There are books that angels write in. One is called the Book of Remembrance. The kind things are written here. Every time you almost did something wrong but you were strong enough with Gods help not to do it, it is written in this book. Every time you used all your money to help someone learn about God, it is written down. Even when you were sad because not enough people loved God, it is written in this Book of Remembrance. (Malachi 3:16; Nehemiah 13:14; Psalms 56:8; Ecclesiastes 12:13 & 14)

DAT7.gif (36994 bytes)The angels write in another book called the Sin Record. In this book is written every wrong thought, bad word and cruel action. Any gossip, any secret wrong doing is written here. Nobody on this earth may know that is done secretly, but the angels write it all down. They can see everything.

The book of life has names of everyone who works for God at any point in their lives. Everyone whose name is in this book will enjoy heaven if their names are not later crossed out of the book because of turning away from God.

Everyone has sinned. All have a problem that is hard for them to overcome. Then how can anyone be saved? God promises to help if you ask Him.

DAT23.gif (24133 bytes)Do not be afraid that He will forget you. Jesus says in the Bible that He has your name written on His breastplate. The breastplate of the High Priest had a row of pretty rocks around the border. It also had 12 different gems lined up in the middle representing the 12 tribes of Israel. I look at the outer border of rocks and know that even though I am not born into the family of Israel in one of their tribes, I can still be in His family. Your name is written on the heart of the High Priest, Jesus in heaven. He will never ever forget you. It is hard for a mamma to forget her baby that drinks milk from her, yet some mothers do. But Jesus can never forget you.

He has scars where the nails went through His hands. These scars remind Him of you just as if your name was written on His hands. (Isaiah 49:`5, 16; Exodus 28:29)


This work of reading what the angels wrote in the books takes a while to study. This work started at the end of a 2300 year prophecy from the Book of Daniel. It started on October 22, 1844.

When His work is done, He will say that whoever is kind will stay that way. Whoever is unkind will stay that way. After this, He will get ready to come in the clouds for His kind, loving and obedient people. In Revelation it talks about Jesus throwing down His censer when he was done. This throwing is different than laying down a tool. Why do you think he threw it? There might be an eagerness to get the rest of His work done and rescue His people who are in danger on the earth.

Jesus is so kind. You will want to hug Him. You will enjoy being close to Him. You have something special that grown-ups do not have. You believe what He says.

Hebrews 8 & 9