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The Passover

   The Passover story comes at the end of a long and cruel bondage of the Hebrews in Egypt. Years before this story happened, Jacob had 12 children. One of his sons was Joseph. Jacob's sons hated Joseph, because he loved to obey God. He had such a pleasant way about him, that his father loved him very much. This made all the other children jealous. One day when they were all grown up and Joseph was about 18 years old, he was sold by the brothers to some traders who took him to Egypt and sold him as a slave to the captain of the guard of Pharaoh. Years later Joseph with God's help told Pharaoh what his dream meant. As a result, Joseph was given the job of gathering and storing for the famine the dream told about. He was honored next to Pharaoh because he saved the nation from death by starvation. It was really God who saved them and Joseph believed and obeyed God. Years after Joseph grew old and died, the Egyptians began to be mean to Joseph's grandchildren and his relatives. They made them slaves. They made them work hard to build their obelisks and big buildings. They beat on them with whips if they did not have enough work done each day. Since there were prophecies that after 400 years, they would be set free, the pharaoh became worried when the year was near. He had all the baby boys killed. He even ordered all the baby boys to be thrown into the River Nile where the crocodiles lived. This terrible story had a good ending. God chose a little boy whose mother bravely made a basket for her baby before putting him in the river. This little boy Moses, was discovered by the daughter of the pharaoh who ordered the babies to be killed. When she saw this little boy her heart was touched with love. She wanted him to be her own baby boy. As she hugged him, a little girl was watching from the grass by the river. It was the baby's sister. She saw the love in the princesses eyes and came running. Miriam asked if the princess wanted a mother who could provide milk for the baby. The princess was happy to pay for someone to feed and care for the baby. Since the baby was pulled from the water, she called him Moses. Moses¡¯ mother was thrilled to be able to care for her own boy and get paid for it too. She carefully taught him to love God. When he was 12 he was taken to live at the palace and go to school there. He was trained to be the next pharaoh.

One day after Moses had grown up, he was very strong. He was a good leader of soldiers and won many battles. He tried to help God by beginning to set the slaves free. He killed one Egyptian who was beating on a Hebrew. When he did this, his own life was in danger. He had to flee from Egypt. He went to live in the desert and took care of sheep. In this quiet setting, God had more lessons for him to learn. He wanted him to be patient. He wanted Him to learn to wait for God to give the directions.

Many years later, God asked him to go back to Egypt and set the Hebrews free. He had learned to wait for God to tell him how to do this work. He was afraid he would make a mistake in speaking the language for it had been 40 years since he spoke Egyptian language all the time. God promised him that He would stay with Moses. He would send Moses own brother to translate. Then after God showed Moses His power, Moses went in faith to do this work. This story of the Passover is told next.

pyramid.gif (6864 bytes)Pyramids

A long time ago in the land of Egypt, Moses stood before Pharaoh with a warning that God was going to kill all the first born in Egypt if they did not set His people free. Pharaoh did not believe so God had Aaron throw his rod down and it became a serpent. The priests of the Pharaoh did the same thing. But when Aaron's rod serpent saw the other snakes it went over and ate up the serpents of the priests. Since the Egyptians believed snakes were gods this showed them here was a power stronger than their own. After this, Aaron picked up his rod serpent and it turned into a rod again. Then nine disasters called plagues were sent to help them realize God could and would do what He said.

Water to blood

BLODBAR.GIF (5078 bytes)

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The first plague was the River Nile turning into blood. Since the Pharaoh worshipped it daily thinking it was a god; God turned it into blood when Aaron hit the water. The Egyptians tried to find water to drink by digging around the river. But all water for seven days was blood. Even in their water jars there was blood. All the fish in the water died and began to smell awful. (Exodus 7:14-25)


frogjump2.gif (18872 bytes)

jalfrog.gif (10679 bytes)

lganifrog.gif (20234 bytes)

Still Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go free so the next plague was sent. The frogs came and covered Egypt. Since the Egyptians worshipped frogs, they did not want to kill them. They crawled into bed with the Egyptians. They hopped into their ovens, into their kettles, and into their drinking cups. They were everywhere. The magicians tried to make more frogs to show they could do this trick too. What a silly thing to do. Why would they want more frogs? They just made it look like they were making frogs. Only God can create life. (Exodus 8:1-14)


rbmekspid.gif (37813 bytes)rbmekspid.gif (37813 bytes)rbmekspid.gif (37813 bytes)

Again Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go free so the next plague was sent. Dust was thrown into the air and it was made into lice. Lice are creatures that bite and make you itch. They get into the hair and it is so hard to get rid of them. They make little babies called nits that look like rice stuck in the hair. People catch these from using other people's combs or hats. This plague gave everybody lice. It was so awful. Imagine the Pharaoh scratching his head so much that he cannot wear his king's hat! There were even lice on the animals. The magicians tried to make lice but they could not do it. They said it was the finger of GOD doing this. (Exodus 8: 16-18)


jnfly.gif (14742 bytes)jnfly.gif (14742 bytes)jnfly.gif (14742 bytes)jnfly.gif (14742 bytes)

Still Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go free so the next plague was sent. Swarms of flies came on all of Egypt. They did not swarm into the land where the Hebrew slaves lived. These flies were biting flies. (Exodus 8:21-24) No mention is made of the magicians trying to make flies.

(Murrain or sickness on the cattle, sheep, horses, camels causing death)

Still Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go free so the next plague was sent. Ashes were sprinkled in the air and the wind blew the fine particles around. Wherever they landed, animals and people got big sores called boils. Even the magicians got boils. Pharaoh's helpers could not even stand before him because they were home sick with their big sores. God told them the time of each plague to begin to help them see God was making the sores.


dmfire.gif (4703 bytes)flame2.gif (28560 bytes)dmfire.gif (4703 bytes)flame2.gif (28560 bytes)dmfire.gif (4703 bytes)flame2.gif (28560 bytes)dmfire.gif (4703 bytes)

Still Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go free so the next plague was sent. The people who were now convinced that God was all powerful, went quickly to get their animals into barns because God had said there was hail coming at a certain time the next day. Among the servants of Pharaoh were some who believed and put all their animals into their houses. The hail came down the next day and it was mixed with fire. All people, animals and plants were killed that were hit by the hail. The flax and barley crops were ruined. The wheat and rye crops were not tall enough to get ruined. The Hebrews did not have any fire and hail. (Exodus 9:18-26) Pharaoh started to try to make a bargain with Moses about letting part of the Hebrews go. But Moses insisted they all go.


bugwalk.gif (25831 bytes)bugwalk.gif (25831 bytes)bugwalk.gif (25831 bytes)

Still Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go free so God sent grasshoppers to eat more crops. The grasshoppers even filled up their houses looking for food. Pharaoh said he was sorry and he was ready to let the people go. God sent a big wind and blew away the grasshoppers. As soon as they were gone, Pharaoh changed his mind. (Exodus 10:4-20)

dark.gif (295780 bytes)(Darkness)

Still Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go free so God sent darkness. It was so black that they could not see a hand in front of their faces. They stayed inside their homes and waited for 3 days. In the homes of the Hebrews there was light. Pharaoh was so angry at Moses that he told him never to come to see him again. Pharaoh was angry because Moses wanted every one of the Hebrews to be set free.



mtcrying.gif (29557 bytes)Since Pharaoh was still refusing, God was going to kill all the Egyptians who had been the first ones to be born in their families. This is where the story of the Passover happens. Those people who believed God was stronger than Pharaoh and his gods were given directions of what to do to show that they believed. Anyone could obey these directions and avoid the death of firstborn. There is another time coming like this. There are more plagues promised in Revelation. The Passover story is very important for your life. You need to understand its meaning. If you do not believe and follow the directions, you will have the same experience of the Egyptians who refused to believe and obey GOD.

Today God is doing all He possibly can to help everyone understand the truth before the end of probation. Join us now as we explore the Passover and what it means today. You can read the story in the Bible in Exodus chapters 1-15.

After sending nine plagues on Egyptians to convince Pharaoh to let the Hebrew's go free, God told Moses to tell the Hebrews to get ready because at midnight the death angel would kill all the first born young and old alike. This included all the firstborn of their animals too. Even Hebrew first born could be killed by the death angel unless they showed that they trusted the one true God. There was ONLY ONE WAY to show that they were on God's side. They must put blood on their door frame at the top and on the sides. They must follow every detail just as Moses stated. They could not change anything. This was to show that they took God seriously and believed He was strong enough to do what He said He would do.

Those who believed, went quickly to find a perfect lamb that was one year old. They checked to make sure everything was done as they were commanded. They did not want to die.

cook.gif (4190 bytes)The people were told that they should be all packed, clothes on, shoes and coats on, and with their walking sticks in their hands ready to leave. (Exodus 12)


The women quickly prepared the flat bread that Moses instructed them to. They were not to have any yeast to make the bread rise. Yeast was a symbol to make them think. The yeast makes bread rise when carbon dioxide gas is released during a chemical reaction called fermentation. For 2 days after baking, the yeast plant is still alive finishing this reaction with sugar. The whole loaf does what the yeast makes it do. Fermentation is a natural symbol of impurity and rotting smelly garbage. It is a symbol of sin.

When sin is in our lives, it moves us to yell, scream, hit, bite, tell lies and steal. It moves us to be proud and love money and many other things. It makes rotten spoiled children.

To be delivered from slavery to the Egyptians, and slavery to sin, the people needed God's help. He wanted them to see this when He asked them to eat bread that had no symbol of sin. When they ate, they were to ask for forgiveness and help not to do wrong again.

You might like to make some flat bread. Here is a recipe that you can try:

5 T whole wheat flour

1 T whole oat flour

1 T brown rice flour

1 T millet flour

1 T barley flour

1 T soy flour

1 T ground pecan nuts

1 T rye flour

?tsp salt

Add water till dough is sticking together, about 1 to 4 T. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes.

herbs.gif (4329 bytes)BITTER HERBS

Bitter herbs were also to be part of the Passover meal. The bitter herbs were to make them remember how bitter slavery was in Egypt. They had lived under the cruel bondage of the Egyptians. They had a very hard life as slaves. They were tired of making bricks out of straw and mud to build the pyramids and large statues for the Pharaoh. They were not even given time off for rest. They longed for freedom. The bitter herbs tasted terrible just like the terrible life they had in Egypt. They were ready to move away.

Moses said the big event would happen about midnight when everyone was crying over the loss of their firstborn.

It is not known exactly which plants were used for bitter herbs in Egypt. (1) Later Jews used two varieties of lettuce, a kind of thistle, endive and cress. (2) Also the dandelion and chicory were possibly used as bitter herbs. These were gathered fresh and eaten as salad.

Hebrew families and some Egyptian families carefully followed every detail of instructions because the lives of their first-born children and animals depended on it. It was also a symbol of their faith in a deliverance from Egypt, which was about to happen in a few hours. I see a big similarity to the future. God's people will be delivered and just before this happens they are to show obedience to His commandments. They are to follow every detail carefully to show God they are on His side.

These Hebrews did not realize that they were acting out a symbol of an even greater event. The event was freedom from slavery to sin. While you think about how bitter sin is when you see reports of crime on the news, try eating a bitter salad. In your yard you can usually find dandelions. In the store you can buy lettuce, endive and watercress.

sheep.gif (4238 bytes)LAMB

The lamb selected for the sacrifice must be one year old and have no health problems. He must be shaped perfect and have no spots on his little wooly coat.

After the lamb was killed, his blood was put in a bowl. Then the lamb was to be roasted as a whole lamb and eaten. None of his bones were to be broken. All of its flesh was to be eaten. If the family was too small to eat it all, two or three families joined together to eat the lamb and herbs and flat bread. They were to stand up for this meal ready to run out of Egypt.

lamb.gif (5358 bytes)BLOOD

The oldest child must have watched closely as the father took the life of the lamb that would save the child's life. What a sad thing to have to do. But it would be much worse if they did not do it. As they thought about the death angel soon to be visiting everyone's homes looking for blood on their door, they made sure every detail was done just as Moses said.

They were focusing on the death of their firstborn children and animals. They did not realize that they were acting out an event that was to take place in the future.

passover.gif (6062 bytes)THE PASSOVER

God wanted them to think and think of another event that was prophesied to happen in the future. He wanted them to realize that Jesus would come, and show us how to live without sin and then die as the LAMB. Jesus would die for our sins so we could be free from the second death that happens only to those who refuse to obey and love God. The blood He shed on the cross could set us free if we believe and do as He asks.

The Hebrews had to show that they had faith by doing just what God required. If they did not show their faith by killing the lamb, putting blood on the door, eating the herbs and the lamb, then they would not be set free from Egypt. Their firstborn children and animals would die.

The same goes for God's people on the earth in the last days. If they do not show their faith by obeying God's 10 commandments as He wrote them, and following the Bible as the only rule of life, they will not be set free from slavery to sin and Satan.

hyssop.gif (8636 bytes)Hyssop Branch Symbol

The people were instructed to take a branch from the hyssop plant. Next they were to dip it in the blood from the killed lamb. Then they were to use it as a paintbrush and paint the blood on the top of the door frame and the two sides. Then no one was to go out at the door of the house until morning.

Even the branch which put the blood on the door had to be from the right plant. It was to be a hyssop branch not an oak or a willow branch. This was a plant that was used as a medicine for cleaning the inside of the body. Hyssop is a gray green plant with the scientific name Origanum maru known in Palestine as za¡¯tar. This plant has a pungent, fragrant smell. It belongs to the mint family. It tastes like peppermint, and has many tiny yellow flowers. It has thick hairy leaves and branches. This makes the plant a good one to hold liquid onto its leaves.

Besides being used in the Passover celebration, Hyssop was used in cleansing a home defiled by leprosy, or a dead person. (Lev. 14:6,49; Numbers 19:6,17) Moses used hyssop when he sprinkled the book and all the people when they promised to obey God. (Hebrews 9:19) So you see, hyssop was used as a symbol of being cleaned on the inside.

When you take a bath, you wash your skin but you cannot wash your mind. Only Jesus can clean you on the inside. By looking at the way Jesus lived, we will want to live like Him without sin. Then like David prayed, we can ask Him to clean us on the inside with hyssop. ("Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean." Psalm 51:7)

Thought question: What if there weren't enough hyssop branches for the 600,000 men? Do you think God picked a plant that there was not enough of? Does He ever ask you to do something when the supplies are not there?

door.gif (5726 bytes)SHUT DOOR

That night, while the believers in God were eating their lambs, bitter herbs, and flat bread in a hurry, the death angel was doing his work. It was about midnight. The believers were all packed and had their clothes on. They even had their walking sticks in their hands ready to hurry out the door.

They heard terrible screams at midnight. There were people dying all around the believers, but they did not go outside to look. They remembered, they were to stay inside their homes after the blood was on their door post. They had to follow every detail even to shutting their doors and staying inside and not peeking at what the death angel was doing. Every detail must be followed to be saved from death of their own. God does not like us to see the punishment of those who hate God. God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 33:11) He does not want any of His people to take pleasure in it either.

view_from_above.gif (3665 bytes)ALMOST DESTROYED

The father was to act as the priest of the household, and if the father was dead, the oldest son living was to sprinkle the blood on the doorpost. This is a symbol of the work to be done in every family. Parents are to gather their children into the home and present Christ before them as their Passover. The father is to dedicate every person in his home to God, and to do a work that is represented by the feast of the Passover.

It is dangerous to leave this solemn duty in the hands of others. This is illustrated by the following story that happened that night in Egypt. It is a true story.

The oldest daughter in a certain home in Egypt was very sick. She knew what Moses had asked them to do. There must be blood on their door post. With anxiety she saw it getting dark outside. She called her father to make sure he had put the blood on the door. He said he had commanded the servant to do it and it must be already done. He told her not to be afraid, the destroying angel would not come in. Soon it was dark outside and she was afraid. Again and again she called to her father still asking, "Are you sure that the door-post is marked with blood?" Again and again the father assured her that she need have no fear; that a command like this one would not be neglected by his trusted servant. She must not be afraid.

As midnight approached, her pleading voice was heard again saying, "Father, I am not sure. Take me in your arms and show me the blood, then I will rest. The father finally took her in his arms to quiet her fears; but when they looked on his door post, there was NO BLOOD!

The father trembled with horror as he realized that his home might have become a house of mourning. His little girl screamed with fear. With his own hands the father seized the hyssop branch, and splattered the door post thick with blood. He then showed his sick daughter that the mark was there. When midnight came, there was no death in that house. They had done exactly as God had asked them to and they were saved. The little girl made sure it was done. You can make sure that worship is held in your own home. You can ask for others to join you as you study your Bible lessons.

egypt_after.gif (8610 bytes)EMPTY STREETS

At midnight everyone who did not obey God and place the blood on their doors had a person die in their families. That blood is a symbol of the blood of Jesus that can save us from all sin. If we do not believe and obey Him we cannot be saved.

The next morning all the Egyptian families were in shock because their first born had died. Every one had a dead person and dead pet animals in their home. The Hebrews were told to get out fast. The Egyptians were afraid they would all die. The streets were empty while the Egyptians sat in sadness. There was plenty of room for over 600,000 men with their wives and children to move out with their wagons. As they passed the huge towers, statues, obelisks, and pyramids, the slaves must have shouted for joy that they did not have to make another brick. They did not have to cut another stone or drag one into its place.

The streets were empty of anyone who could stop their exit from Egypt. They did not delay in getting on their way. Moses had them all organized and ready to move out. Frightened Egyptians loaded them down with their gold and silver and treasures. It was like payment for some of their work.

egypt_before.gif (14219 bytes)MASS FUNERALS

After the Hebrews left, the Egyptians had the big job of burying all the thousands of dead firstborn people and animals. Imagine what the streets looked like filled with funeral processions from every family in the land. How sad that they did not listen to all the warnings and pleadings of God to believe. He gave them many chances.

For the Egyptian children, there was nothing to do but go to funerals and cry over the loss of so many playmates and uncles and aunts, grandmas and grandpas. They even were sad over their dead pets.

The Egyptians were too busy for three days burying the dead animals and people to chase after the fleeing slaves. They had more work to do because their servants had escaped.

wave_sheaf.gif (7935 bytes)WAVE SHEAF

God asked the Hebrews to remember the escape from Egypt and have the Passover celebration every year. At the end of seven days of Passover celebration, they were to wave some grain before the Lord in front of the Most Holy room. This was called the wave sheaf. This was a symbol of the people that Jesus resurrected as He left His grave that Sunday morning after his death on the cross. At His death there was a great earthquake that emptied some graves. When he raised, they were given life too. These people were the first group of the many believers who will be raised at the Second Coming of Jesus. (Mathew 27:50-53) He took them with Him when He went to Heaven.


bread.gif (4459 bytes)FIRST LORD'S SUPPER

Just before Jesus died on the cross, the Jews began the Passover feast that they celebrated every year. Many had no idea WHO it was a symbol of. They did not know it was a prophecy of the death of Jesus. They did not know it pointed to the death of Jesus. They did not know that this was just about to happen. The Passover was to remind them of two things. They all knew it reminded them of history of deliverance from Egyptian slavery. Few of them realized it pointed to Jesus who would die for them and deliver them from slavery to Satan. The final deliverance would happen when Jesus would come to the earth the second time and take all His people to heaven.

During this last Passover celebration, Jesus told his followers He would give them a new way to celebrate. No longer did they need to look for Him to die for them; the next big event would be when He came to take them to heaven.

He told them to eat this flat bread as a symbol of His flesh. He showed us how to live a life without sinning. He prayed every morning and evening. He studied the Old Testament part of the Bible. His life was perfect. That is why the yeast symbol of sin was not to be in this bread that represented His life. This bread was to make them think and think. It was a symbol of Jesus. It was not Jesus himself. Jesus is in heaven working for us. When you eat this flat bread it shows Jesus that you believe that only He can save you from sin. You are not eating Jesus. You are eating a symbol to make you think of His sinless life.

I want this heavenly bread don't you? Jesus taught His disciples to pray for this bread. In the Lord's prayer, we are to ask Him to give us our daily bread. If we study the life of Jesus, it is like eating this bread of heaven. He promises to raise us up at the last day when He comes in the clouds if we eat this bread by studying the Bible. (I Thes. 4:16)

Sources: Mathew 26:26; Mark 14:22; I Thes. 4:16, & 17; 1 Cor. 11:23-27)

Desire of Ages p. 653, 388-389

This is not like the pagan way of eating a god to gain strength.

osiris.gif (11973 bytes)EATING THE god.

The Hebrews were used to seeing the Egyptians eating their made up gods. The Egyptian sun-god Osiris and later in Greece, Serapis, god of the dead, was eaten in the form of a round disk wafer, a symbol of the sun. The bread the Hebrews ate was not to remind them of any Egyptian god. The GOD of heaven had asked them to eat this bread often and think about how He delivered them from slavery. They were leaving Egypt so they could worship the real God of heaven. He will finally deliver His people from sin when He comes the second time. Those who are bravely keeping His commandments will be delivered. Those who are trying to copy their Father in heaven in every way will be saved. This is what His people think about when they eat the flat bread and drink the grape juice.






god2.gif (19885 bytes)There were many people in history that believed they ate their god. The Spanish explorers found the people in Central America worshiping a sun-god Quetzalcoatl. The people made a cracker or wafer by mixing corn maize and shaping it into the image of Quetzalcoatl. The cracker was then consecrated by the priest before the people ate it. They thought they were eating their god and getting strength from him.





god3.gif (15895 bytes)In Persia the people worshiped a sun-god they called Mithra. They made a cracker shaped like their made up god Mithra and ate it.




god4.gif (19626 bytes)In Rome the people adored Attis, made a cracker and said they were eating their god. Also in Rome, they drank the juice of the grape and said it was the blood of their god Bacchus. Their made up god Bacchus was the god of wine and play or revelry.

They thought they could get power from eating their gods. Jesus taught that by studying His words, we are getting the bread. Those teachings of Jesus will change us to be like Him.

Aren't you glad that you do not have to actually eat part of Jesus to get His blessings?

juice.gif (4991 bytes)Fresh Grape Juice Symbol

The blood of Jesus is a symbol of His power to save. Just as it was put on the door post of the homes, we need it in our hearts. We must believe that He has power to save us from the traps of Satan.

He asked us to drink grape juice and eat bread thinking about what He has done for us. We are also to think about the great future event when He will come for us. At the Second Coming He will take us to heaven.

Why do you think Jesus is waiting to drink grape juice with us in heaven? He must be longing for this event. He loves us very much.

kidwash.gif (5167 bytes)FOOT WASHING

Jesus asked His friends to wash each others feet. This was a test. If they could do this, they would really be able to love. This was to show their love and forgiveness. We are to love each other as Jesus loves us.

Have you ever walked on stilts? It makes you so much taller than anyone else. The expression is often used that someone is up on stilts when they aren't really. They just think they are better than everyone else because they can serve their brother.

The foot washing is like God's medicine remedy to take away selfishness and me first thoughts. We are to wash each other's feet often. (John 13: 8-15)

sec_com.gif (8785 bytes)2nd Coming

The Lord's supper reminds us of Jesus¡¯ death delivering us from our own death sentence. The second thing we are to think about is the future rescue from this earth controlled by Satan. Jesus will come in the clouds to take us to heaven to live with Him. Then there's going to be a picnic in heaven. We will eat manna and drink grape juice there with Him. Jesus will serve our table. He will load the silver table with many delicious foods. There will be enough food for hundreds of thousands of people. (Mathew 26:26; Mark 14:22)


There will be horrible events just before Jesus delivers His people just as bad as the death angel killing first born people and animals. After everyone has made up their minds to be on God's team, or not, terrible things happen. When you make up your mind to be on God's team, Satan wants to hurt you. Sometimes it helps others to choose to be on God's team when they hear you say how you love Jesus. But there will come a time when no one will change their mind. Everyone is either sealed or they have Satan's mark.

This is the time that Jesus says we are to hide. It will be like the Hebrews staying inside their homes and not looking at the death angel and his work. Jesus says "Come, My people, enter into your chambers, and shut your doors about you: hide yourself as it were for a little minute, until the anger be past." Isaiah 26: 20.21.

ahidingplc.JPG (14153 bytes)Do not worry about the best place to hide. It will be like it was for Elijah when he was taken to the Brook Cherith. Also there were hundreds of God's priests hidden in caves. The king could not find them no matter how hard he tried. God knows how to out smart the people who have machines that detect hiding people. Ellen White says God will hide us. Two special promises tell us this. It would be good to memorize these.

"As the Lord bade faithful Noah before the flood, ¡®Come thou, and all thy house, into the ark,¡¯ He will, previous to the time of trouble, say to His faithful saints, who have been preparing for translation, Come, my people, enter into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee. Hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be past. For, behold, the Lord cometh out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth." Spiritual Gifts vol. 4 page 149

"During the night, a very impressive scene passed before me. There seemed to be great confusion and conflict of armies. A messenger from the Lord stood before me, and said, ¡®Call your household. I will lead you, follow me.¡¯ He led me down a dark passage, through a forest, then through the clefts of the mountains, and said, ¡® Here you are safe.¡¯ There were others who had been led to this retreat. The heavenly messenger said, ¡®The time of trouble has come as a theif in the night, as the Lord warned you it would come.¡¯" Manuscript 153, 1905

eat.gif (6468 bytes)EAT

Just as we have to eat to keep alive, our spiritual life needs Bible food to keep alive. When you are small, someone feeds you. As you grow older you feed yourself.

When you are too young to read or look at Bible pictures, or turn on a Bible story tape, someone else must read to you. When you get to be three years old, you can ask someone to read a Bible story to you. You might even cry a little bit like our children did when some busy person was around. They cried until someone sat and read a Bible story to them.

But when you learn to read, you need to study the Bible for yourself besides having family Bible study time. When you study it for yourself, ask God for the help of the Holy Spirit so that you can understand what you read. Take one verse, and think about it until you understand what it means. Put your name in the promises. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that I by believing in Him, might not perish, but have everlasting life.

father.gif (8081 bytes)CONFLICT

Is the Blood of Jesus on Your Door of your heart? I do not mean literal blood. It is a symbol of believing Jesus can save you. He died on the cross so you could be free.

Do you pray morning and evening for help to obey God? It is almost midnight for this world. The evil one knows his days are numbered. He is working overtime to take our first born to be on his side. Most first born are leaders. God is much stronger than Satan. All we have to do is cry to Him. He will fight off the evil one for us. Then you will be protected like the Hebrews were. You will be protected during the plagues that are coming as described in Revelation. Read the Revelation studies for children. They are very important to knowing how to get ready for the future troubles ahead.