Cleaning Up

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L6 Cleaning Up


DAT25.gif (29622 bytes)When the High Priest was through in the Most Holy place he came out with all the blood gathered up in his hands. He stopped at the golden altar of incense. He sprinkled blood here seven times on the horns and around the altar of incense. The blood was sprinkled here, in front of the curtain, to clean it up from thousands of sins that had been placed there.


 DAT26.gif (19302 bytes)When Jesus is through with His job in front of God's throne, we will not know it. God's people will be crying for Him to come. All the time He is getting ready to come.

It is like a baby who wants her bottle. All the time it is being prepared she cries. Even when she is told it is being made for her. She cannot understand why it takes so long. Certain things must be done and made clear before Jesus can come. But He will come soon. (Mathew 24; 2 Timothy 3; Revelation 22:6; Hebrews 10:37)


 DAT27.gif (25469 bytes)Next in the service the baby goat selected to represent Satan was brought to the door. The high priest who had symbolically gathered up all the forgiven sins in his hands brought them to the door. He placed his hands on the head of the scape goat. He was acting out the drama of the future. All the forgiven sins that God's people have done but asked for deliverance from have now been placed on the head of the goat representing Satan. He will have to pay for the sins that he caused God's people to do. He will be punished for all the things he has helped to happen. He has to pay for his own sins too.

The baby scape goat is then taken out into the desert called the "wilderness of sin". This goat had to be all by itself. It wandered out there. This was a drama of how Revelation 20 will happen. The angel of God binds up Satan and he is alone for 1,000 years before his destruction. Satan will be banished from heaven forever. He will have no one to hurt or cause to sin during this time. Explore the Revelation Bible lessons for children on this. You will understand this even better when you study the last 4 lessons of Revelation. (Rev. 20:2)

DAT28.gif (33295 bytes)Satan has time out to think about all the unkind and evil things he has done. This is like when you have to sit on a chair as time out when you have done something wrong. But Satan has longer than five minutes. He has one thousand years!

His suffering is intense. He is terrified when he thinks about when God will come and punish him.


DAT29.gif (42296 bytes)At the end of the world, God will clean up sin with fire. All those who hate God, all who would be miserable in heaven will die. This would be awful if your best friend or one of your parents were in that fire.

Every day you can help God by trying to encourage your family and friends to ask Jesus into their hearts. You can encourage them with promises from the Bible. You can do kind things like Jesus did. Who knows, one of them might choose to live in Heaven because of you?


At the end of the day of atonement all the sacrifices were burned out side the camp. All that was left was ashes. There was not any fires burning all year to remind them of sin. It was just a heap of ashes. The baby goat did not live forever in the wilderness. There is no one burning in hell for ever and ever. In Malachi 4:3 it speaks of the wicked people as ashes.

"all that do wickedly shall be stubble (dry grass); and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch." Malachi 4:1