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When Daniel was a teenager, he was kidnapped from his nice home and carried off to another country. He made up his mind that no matter what happened, he would stay friends with God. He had specific times every day that he studied and prayed. Three times a every day he worshiped God. He prayed morning, noon and night.

There was nothing more important to him than spending time with God.

Years passed. Daniel was always chosen for the most important jobs in the kingdom because he was so wise and so faithful. He never was jealous or mean or hateful. He was always so kind. The Bible says that there was "an excellent spirit in him." He was like his best friend God. He was so kind and just and wise.

Even when Babylon was taken over by a new kingdom, Daniel was given the best jobs.

Because Daniel was always kind and honest and wise, other leaders became jealous and planned to have him killed. They made a law and convinced king Darius to sign it. The law stated that everyone must pray only to the king for 30 days or be thrown into the lions den.

These jealous men knew that Daniel would pray three times a day. He always had. Nothing could stop him. The wicked men were thrilled to see him praying to God. They knew he would soon be in the lion's den.

By praying to God, Daniel boldly showed that no one was as important to him as the King in Heaven.

King Darius was upset to find that the whole plan was made to kill his friend Daniel. God did not prevent the evil men from throwing Daniel in the lion's den, so in he went. God did not prevent the old man from spending a night with the hungry lions.

King Darius could not sleep that night. He had learned a lot about God from Daniel. That night he actually broke his own law and prayed to God to protect Daniel. He knew better than to pray to himself.

As soon as it was light enough to see, the king was at the lion's den hoping to hear his friend Daniel's voice. Daniel gave God credit for closing lion mouths with angel helpers. Then Daniel told the king he had done no wrong and was innocent.

Daniel did not hold bitter anger in his heart toward the king. He had a forgiving heart and after being taken out of the den, he continued to serve the king. He might have been angry wanting revenge, but Daniel was forgiving and kind and had an excellent spirit.

We too should spend time with God three times a day. We could then be more like Him and be forgiving and kind.

The next amazing forgiveness story is from the heart of a man whose wife kept going out with other lovers. His sad loving heart kept forgiving: Hosea