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Joseph Forgives His Brothers

Joseph had 11 brothers. He was hated because he was godly. He consistently made good choices and decisions. He was honest and his father loved him. The dreams God gave him during his young years made the brothers hate him more.

Joseph illustrates Christ. Jesus came to His own people, but they rejected Him. He was despised because His acts were right and good. Others hated him because he was always honest and unselfish. His life was so good, it made them feel bad about the way they acted so they hated him.

Joseph's honesty and high standards were made fun of. He was hated so much that they stripped off his beautiful coat of many colors and threw him into a pit. later they sold him as a slave. Jesus had his robe stripped off too. He was sold for 30 pieces of silver. In so many ways Joseph was like Jesus.

Joseph was such a hard worker that he made Potifer wealthy. Then trouble struck again. Potifer's wife made up a lie about him and he was thrown into prison. After years there, he was called to interpret a dream for pharaoh. God had given the dream of 7 skinny cows eating 7 fat cows. Joseph interpreted the dream for Pharaoh and counseled him to make a storage system for the nation to survive.

About 17 years later when Joseph was ruler of Egypt, Joseph's brothers needed help. His own hungry brothers heard that there was grain in Egypt and came to buy some. They and their families were very hungry. He told them not to be afraid. He paid for the whole tribe to move to Egypt. He found them places to live and fed them all. He had forgiven them, saying that even though they meant him harm, God meant it for good. Genesis 50. Joseph was very gentle and generous with them.


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