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Caleb and Joshua

Caleb and Joshua headed into the land of Caanan on a mission of checking it out before they moved in. They had been instructed by God to get grapes, figs, pomegranates and other fruits. They found the fruit on their list and looked at the land and the size of the people. It was looking impossible and yet very possible with Godís mighty power. The 10 other spies gathered together their reports and they all headed back to tell the waiting people.

Everyone wanted to know what the new home was going to be like. Ten of the men said there were many good things there but there were giants living there that ate up all the land could provide. Caleb and Joshua insisted that with Godís power, it all could belong to them in a very short time. They showed the huge heavy grapes as evidence.

There was such a commotion  and people began to pick up rocks to destroy the lives of these faithful men. Suddenly God couldnít stand it any longer. The rebellion had gone far enough. There was fireworks from heaven. People looked at the brightness in the sanctuary and began to be afraid. A while later fire broke out and many were destroyed in their homes.

These faithful leaders Caleb and Joshua, did not stand there with joy at seeing revenge for how they had been treated. They were very concerned for their mean relatives. They hurried over to the tents of those who had just tried to kill them. In tender tones they pleaded with them to ask God for forgiveness. They were willing to forgive those who had nearly killed them with stones.

Next story of forgiveness looks at a wealthy respected man who was hit by disaster. Look at how he forgave the "friends" who falsely accused him of offending God. JOB