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Job was a very kind man. He was always looking for someone to help. The widows felt like singing because he always made sure that they had food and other needs cared for. He just kept looking until he found ways to help. The book of Job tells of the story of this rich man who loved and understood God.

Satan claimed that Job only loved and obeyed God because of all the riches and other blessings that God gave him. Job did not know that God was talking about him and that he would be tested.

Suddenly all of his children were killed. His oxen, camels, and donkeys were stolen. and his servants were killed. His sheep were destroyed by fire. Next came terrible boils all over his body.

While he was hurting, his friends came. They sat for three days and stared at him. Then they began to talk, Everything that they said hurt Job and showed that they did not understand God.

One friend said that if Job would be a good pure and obedient man, God would make him wealthy. He suggested that Job's children had sinned and God had punished them. (Job 8: 4-9)

Another friend was unhappy that Job would say that he was right with God. He was sure that if God would speak, He would say nothing but bad things about Job. (Job 11: 1-29)

Poor Job had enough problems. He did not need his friends accusing him. His friends made things worse.

God told Job that he needed to pray for his friends who did such a terrible job of comforting him. They needed Job's prayers because they had such a wrong picture of what God was like.

When Job prayed for his friends, God stopped Satan's attacks and was pleased with Job's forgiving spirit. He made Job twice as wealthy as he had been before. Job also had many more children.

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