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An amazing study showed that the children who were killing in public school shoot outs had been playing certain computer games where they were to shoot others and then turn the gun on themselves. A certain point on the body brought about a greater number of points if the player could get that target. A hideous laugh was on the computer game. That same laugh was heard by the children who survived the school shoot outs. The investigators noted that the same parts of the children shot were those parts awarded highest points on the computer games. When the child finished his shooting, he turned the gun on himself just like the computer games had helped him learn to do for higher points.. 
It is a law of the mind that actions follow thoughts. Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinks in his heart, so [is] he:
If you practice killing, your impulses under anger can lead you to kill. Road rage is increasing as people play games of car racing with no thought of consequences to the lives of others. If you practice stealing in games, you will be stealing in real life. If you play with Satan worship items, you will worship Satan. If you play games with naked people, your morals will drop so low that you will be unfaithful and break the commandment on adultery.
  If you spend all day and get up in the night to play computer games of chess,  pin ball,  online games interacting with others, etc.,  you have an addiction. You loose the ability to socialize normally with others. Also you waste the time God gave you to be a helpful citizen in your community. You bring a sadness into your family because others have to more chores because you are not doing anything to help. The community about you suffers for you do not have time or money to do like Job did. He searched out those who needed food, and helped the widows and children without parents. 

  Jesus can save any one who comes to Him. He can forgive your sins. 

  I knew a doctor who was always a delightful person to talk to and had energy to get things done about his home. He loved to do woodworking, going hiking, water skiing, rock collecting, and coin and stamp collecting. Then he began playing computer games every opportunity he had. Even at work the computer kept him occupied  between patients. He never seemed to have enough time to play so after his two days of work each 7 days were completed, he played all day the other 5 days on his computer. His children hoped he would have time to play baseball with them or go out together somewhere but there just was not enough time.  He then chose to play games through the night so he could have more time. The nervous tension of the lack of sleep and game playing, constant stress on the mind, and no physical exercise made this person very irritable. When the children complained he bought them computers and games and encouraged them to do the same by buying them game accounts online. They were thrilled finally dad was doing something with them. But as time went on they began to see that it was not time with them but something to keep them from bothering dad. The online games with others soon taught ugly dirty language to them. After a few years of this, the doctor began to gamble.  The sons became very disrespectful and irritable. They flew into a rage whenever asked to help around the house. Things went from bad to worse.

  Satan does not care how he keeps you from reading your Bible. The time you spend with God shows how much you love Him. Having a friendship with Him takes time. It is important like Daniel, to have set times morning, noon, and night  for reading the Bible, praying, singing, and talking to God. He loves to hear what is on your mind. Then also during the day you can talk to Him while you are working.  This is what Jesus did when He lived on this earth. He as a child worked in the carpenter shop all day doing the finest work. He also did many chores to help his mother. When his brothers refused to help, Jesus often did their chores to help his mom. He could see how hard she had to work. They did not have much money to pay others to do the chores. When His work was done for the day, he loved to go out into the garden or the hillside and talk with God. He always had time to share his food with the hungry and encourage those who were sad. As an adult he spent His whole day helping people and teaching then often spent entire nights praying for others. Jesus is our hope. He is coming soon. He sees value in all of us. He loves every one of those who are addicted to anything. He does not force His way but looks for loving people who can help.

  Satan does not care who he gets. The younger a person trapped, the happier he is for he can ruin a whole life of service.  He works harder to trap people already educated for service.

  Your time also belongs to God.  He gives you strength to do your chores and live your life. If you waste your time in games, you are stealing from God. Like Achan your sin may hidden. Achan was a man in the Bible who stole a garment, some silver and gold from Jericho when God made the rule all the gold and silver was for the temple. Jesus wants to be your friend.  Your time must be carefully treasured for doing good, and for time with Jesus.  You can use time wisely improving your talents, studying your Bible, helping the poor, the handicapped, and those who need hope. Or you can waste your time on your own selfish pleasures on games, or other time consuming projects that bring no hope or blessing to anyone else. Playing computer games all day and night is idol worship. The choice is yours.
Jesus says, I come quickly; and my reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be. Rev. 22:13 KJV

Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. Rev. 22:14

For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loves and makes a lie. Revelation 22:15

"Dogs" does not mean that puppy dogs aren't in heaven. It means those who love sin and are mean and wicked.

David in the Bible referred to dogs as mean people in Psalms 22:16 "For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have enclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet. "

The truth can set you free. As you study the Bible, it can change you.  It is the WORD of God. It is illustrated as a sword that cuts away the problems in your life. In Revelation it is described as a sword coming out of God's mouth. It is not to kill and hurt you but to make you have more joy when it carves off the things destroying you.  The more you study it, the more you want to be like Jesus.
It is true that men sometimes become ashamed of their sinful ways, and give up some of their evil habits, before they are conscious that they are being drawn to Christ. But whenever they make an effort to reform, from a sincere desire to do right, it is the POWER OF GOD THAT IS drawing them...and as Christ draws them to look upon His cross,..the deep seated sin of the soul, is revealed to them...If he does not resist, he will be drawn to the foot of the cross in repentance for his sins..." STC23,24  Steps to Christ

Getting along with an addicted person is not easy. The addiction might be to drugs, to alcohol, to gambling, wicked pictures, or other things.

Remember the blood of Jesus can save the most horrible of sinners no matter how mean. God loves the sinner and hates the sins which have robbed them of their dignity and joy.

God encourages us to sing as we work. Pray that God will bring them the inner peace they need, and do your best to make a difference. Perhaps by your loving ways, you can help God to save the person who is addicted. Plan healthful fun physical events involving the whole family unit such as camping, doing things for others, picking corn or berries for the freezer, or going on mission trips to help others in greater need. Ask God for ideas. He is just as interested in this as you are. He has so much interest at stake, for He gave His only Son to die for the addicted person. He is desperate to save them. You may be the only one He can use to reach them. Ask Jesus to increase your faith, and wisdom and set to work to bring them to Jesus. Jesus always brought hope to losers and people rejected by society.

It never works to raise your voice and become irritable pointing out their sins in a harsh unloving way. Responding in anger drives them to more addiction. They feel the shame of their condition, they sometimes realize the emptiness and have so little hope. Some lash out in anger on those who love them most.  If you are the one loving and trying to help the addicted one, keep praying, singing, loving. Perhaps your love will soften the way for the Holy Spirit to melt their hearts. Watching animals often gives us object lessons in good ways to avoid trouble when the addicted person is irritable.

Here is an interesting observation made by one of my favorite Christian authors:
We see something which teaches us a lesson in almost everything around us. As we journeyed along we met a smooth, clever-looking dog; as he trotted along, we noticed a large, fierce, savage-looking dog standing by the roadside looking very fierce, waiting the coming of the clever-looking animal, ready to pounce upon him. We thought we would watch the result. Soon the little dog that was trotting along noticed his fierce companion and slacked his pace. He seemed to understand his enemy and he dared not run by, but in a most humble manner crawled along upon the ground. Thus he continued to crouch and crawl until he had come up to the fierce-looking dog, who immediately pounced upon him. The dog would not battle but rolled upon the ground in a begging manner. The big dog could not fight alone. He left the clever, pleading animal, who was still afraid of irritating him. So he walked along slowly, acting as though he wished to run but did not dare to. At length he increased his pace a little until he was sure he could outrun the other big dog; then he ran along as fast as he could go, looking back to see if the other followed. If human beings would only manifest such humility under injustice as this dumb creature, how many unhappy quarrels might be saved.--Ms 6, 1859, p. 1. (Diary, April 1 to June 30, 1859.) 

Released March 7, 1973. {5MR 218.1}

Sometimes no matter what you do to avoid attack, nothing seems to work. Pray for God to help protect you. He can send mighty angels faster than you can pray. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for others have been treated mean for witnessing for Jesus.

My uncle is a retired pastor. He had a mean dog attack his own dog Trixie then turn on him while they were going for their morning walk. Look at the story under the section of Answered Prayer stories. It is titled "Dog Attack"

Response to one looking for a Bible computer game.

We are developing an interactive Sanctuary model but this is not a game.

Here are my reasons added to the above explanation:

I have not any games. I believe it cheapens the Bible materials to make it into games. Others do it but I have seen disastrous results with game addictions. They (teens and unfortunately adults) are driven to stay up throughout the night trying to win one more round. Then they are cranky and when Sabbath comes they want some game to occupy the "boring" Sabbath hours. These games are leading to gambling which is the fastest growing addiction in the world right now. Gambling can be done over the internet. No one can see what is done with credit card in the privacy of their own office. The Holy Watchers see and record it all. I believe the "Bible games" strengthen this disease. The motive is not to learn but to win. The Spirit of God blesses the desire to learn but not the wild desire to be in a state of excitement over trying to win. The Spirit of prophecy gives the principle that games lead to gambling and or wasting of precious time given to us to prepare for heaven. The hours would be better spent on nature stories and answered prayer stories as well as studying and memorizing Scripture.
Our web site and discusses this topic under "lifestyle". These two web sites have over 200 documented true stories of answered prayer in our lives and those of relatives or friends. These web sites have world wide usage with a million hits every few months. has the most recent prayer answered miracles happening in 2002.
God has told us that the mind of a teenager can be opened to the Bible study by beginning with a nature story. I have never found a place which recommended we use games to teach or open the heart to desire Bible study. I have studied child development at Loma Linda and throughout my medical practice. I have experienced learning to occur best using nature to open the mind, then that nature object to bring about an object lesson. Also Scripture songs played in the home by the parent of teenagers. Thus in this way parent can influence the teen by their own choice of music to listen to while cleaning or cooking etc.
In His Service,
Quotes I found. (It is only 2 quotes of the long study I did to know what to teach my children.
"Would it not be well to consider his past blessings, to remember the impressive warnings that have come home to our souls, so that we shall not forget God? The world has many holidays, and men become engrossed with games, with horse-races, with gambling, smoking, and drunkenness. They show plainly under what banner they are standing. They make it evident that they do not stand under the banner of the Prince of Life, but that the prince of darkness rules and controls them. Shall not the people of God more frequently have holy convocations in which to thank God for his rich blessings? Shall we not find time in which to praise Christ for his rest, peace, and joy, and make manifest by daily thanksgiving that we appreciate the great sacrifice made in our behalf, that we may be partakers of the divine nature?" Special Testimonies for Ministers and workers no. 5, 1896
"The world is full of excitement. Men act as though they had gone mad over low, cheap, unsatisfying things."{PH145 18.3}
"Thousands upon thousands of pounds (dollars) of money are expended every year on horse-races and games of a wilder variety. The panic of desire is so contagious that even church-members, professed Christians, are carried away with the excitement, and give countenance to the races by presenting themselves as spectators. If they do not bet on the races, they are still one ... in spirit, and their doings are registered and condemned in the courts of heaven. They are reckoned among the godless company, and must give an account to God for their wasted time and money. {RH, March 6, 1894 par. 4}"

The world has many holidays, and men become engrossed with games, with horse-races, with gambling, smoking, and drunkenness. They show plainly under what banner they are standing. They make it evident that they do not stand under the banner of the Prince of life, but that the prince of darkness rules and controls them. {PH145 17.1}

Today the races are incorporated into computer games and absorb even more of the child's time. They are so excited, & over stimulated that their nerves are very tense. They curse and disobey and fly into a rage over nothing. In their spare minutes they draw pictures of game characters.
This comes from a very concerned mother's heart.

My prayer for the children and teens and trapped adults, is : "Lord save us or we perish"