When I was a young girl of 10 and 14, my mother took us out to pick strawberries, cherries and what ever we could find to harvest as a job to earn  money. We worked hard. Mom showed us how to record what we earned. She showed us how to return our tithes carefully and to put a little away into savings. With our money we were to pay for our school clothes. We were encouraged not to spend our money carelessly. It was fun to save up and get something important.

  I remember working my way through college. I put in extra nursing aid shifts to have a little to save up for emergencies. We were very careful with our money going through school. Often I worked nights and went to school in the day time. When my husband started medical school, I worked 5 different jobs to provide. During the day, it was a full time nurse practitioner work and evenings and weekends private duty nursing in homes. If we needed something we just worked real hard till we could get it.

  My mother taught me a Bible verse that said, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." My brother changed the verse a little. Since we each had a drawer where our toys could be kept, he said, "Where  your treasure drawer is, there will your heart be also." He was right. Both ways it meant the same. 
  When we stayed in a motel this summer, there was a large gray box in the corner. It was to lock up things in when we left the room. Some people use these at work. They keep their cash and things in this secure box. Thieves break in and carry off the whole thing and figure out ways to get them open. Some are so heavy, it takes the thief longer to haul it away.
The Bible speaks about a man who found a box full of treasures while he was preparing dirt to plant a crop. He went home and sold everything he owned to get that field. He knew the treasure belongs to the owner of the field so he became the owner. It is worth everything to know Jesus. It is worth selling all that we have and
to know him means to understand what is important to Him is saving souls or He would not have given His life and suffered at the hands of cruel people he had made.