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Check out this section for promises, travel tips etc.  I go to this section almost daily for the special promises that have sustained me through many a conflict and struggle. Every new promise I find special is placed here sometimes with the short story of why it meant so much to me. God is able to keep all His promises. His power is no less today than when he closed the lions mouths, carried Philip to his place of witness and kept His friends cool in the fiery furnace. Download these and print for your daily review during your missionary endeavors. Jesus loves to have you repeat back to Him His own words as reason for Him to answer your prayers. Your faith increases as you pray with your finger on the promise. Angels are waiting with wings out spread to carry your prayer to the throne. Click on buttons below,

As the stars for ever and ever: what does it mean?

"They that turn many to righteousness" shall shine "as the stars for ever and ever" (Dan. 12:3). That is how we shall shine. The glory of God will rest upon you. You cannot become interested in a soul but that an angel of God will be close at your side and will move that soul. {2SAT 18.2}
If you want the companionship of angels, go to work


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