Vine Stands Alone

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As I began my special time with my Forever Friend this morning, He read my thoughts as always. My book fell open to this passage that gripped my heart. I was feeling sad that I was going alone to work training 4 young missionaries. I had just asked God to take my vine shaken from human support and hold it up to heaven as EW saw in her dream.

“All these refuse the Savior's call because they FEAR DIVISION in the family circle. They suppose that in refusing to obey God they are insuring the peace and prosperity of the home, but this is a delusion. Those who sow selfishness will reap SELFISHNESS. In rejecting the love of Christ they reject that which alone can impart purity and steadfastness to human love. They will not only lose heaven, but will fail of the true enjoyment of that for which heaven was sacrificed… ( I do not ever wish to lose heaven)

The host turned from those who despised his bounty, and invited a class who were not full, COL 224-226

To all who are engaged in the missionary work I would say, Hide in Jesus. Let not self but Christ appear in all your labors. When the work goes hard, and you become discouraged and are tempted to abandon it, take your Bible, bow upon your knees, before God, and say, ‘Here, Lord, Thy word is pledged. Throw your weight upon His promises, and every one of them will be fulfilled." Life Sketches 285

I pray that I will have the joy of planting seeds for the Master and baptizing many for the kingdom.

MORE ON THE VINE- I’m impressed that He is hoping I will produce fruit even though shaken from support.

“Notwithstanding repeated rejections, His mercy had continued its pleadings. With more than a father’s pitying love for the son of his care, God ‘sent to them by His messengers, …

“What could have been done more to My vineyard,” He exclaims, ‘that I have not done it?” Isaiah 5:1-4 Though when He looked that is should bring forth grapes, it brought forth wild grapes, yet with a still yearning hope of fruitfulness He came in person to His vineyard, if haply it might be saved from destruction. He digged about His vine; He pruned and cherished it. He was unwearied in His efforts to save this vine of His own planting.”

The HOUR OF HOPE AND PARDON IS FAST PASSING: the cup of God’s long deferred wrath was almost full. GREAT Controversy 20

I do not look to the end for all happiness; I get happiness as I go along. Notwithstanding I have trials and afflictions, I look away to Jesus. It is in the strait and hard places that He is right by our side, and we can commune with Him, and lay all our burdens upon the Burden Bearer, and say, ‘ Here, Lord, I cannot carry these burdens longer.’ Then He says to us, ‘My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:30. Do you believe it? I have tested it. I love Him; I love Him. I see in Him matchless charms. And I want to praise Him in the kingdom of God. LS 292

“DARE TO STAND ALONE. Thus, as did Moses, you will endure the seeing of HIM WHO IS INVISIBLE..

Have courage to do right. The Lord’s promise is more valuable than gold and silver to all who are doers of His Word. Let all regard it as a great honor to be acknowledged by God as His children (RH May 9, 1899) EW study Bible p. 673

“Pray as Nehemiah. We should move forward with unwavering confidence, believing that God will give to His truth great and precious victories. In humility, meekness, and purity of life, relying upon Jesus, we shall carry a convincing power with us that we have the truth (RH July 6, 1886) EW study Bible p. 549 comments on Nehemiah.

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