Day of Atonement

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Day of At One Ment

This lesson is looking at a very important event that takes place in the most holy room. The ark of God was kept in this room. In heaven the ark is where God's throne is. On the top of the ark is the mercy seat which is above the law of God. Judgment happens here.

God is going to judge everything we do, whether good or bad, even things done in secret. Ecclesiastes 12:14


Every word that people say is looked at in the record books. (Mathew 12: 36037) That is because the words we say show what we are thinking. (Mt 12:35) God looks at everything. He even notices where you were born. He does not forget where you live and what has happened to you to make you the way you are. (Psalms 87:4-6)

God knows if your brothers or sisters were mean to you. God remembers everything your parents have done to you or for you. He sees everything.

Jesus is working in the throne room of heaven right now. This is where God is. He saw the ark and the ten commandments in it. (Rev. 11:19) Right now God is looking through the record books. (Dan 7:9 & 10) Everything you have ever done, thought or said is written down. Even secret things you thought no one knew, are written.


I know the King, there is no need to dread. Soon He will put away all sin, sickness, pain and sorrow. He will take only those to heaven that will be kind and loving and happy there.

He is aware of every detail of your life.

God knows all the nice things you have had to play with. He knows where you have grown up. He knows if you have had nothing.

Even your grandparents are known. He knows how they have loved you. He sees it all. He knows if you had no grandparents. He knows if you have been rejected by your family. If your life has been real tough, He does not expect as much from you. All He wants is for you to respond to HIS LOVE.
Jesus knows everywhere your feet have been. He knows about all the things you have been through. He loves you. He can fix the things that have been painful to you. If your heart is breaking, He can heal it.


In One Hour all this Wealth Has been laid Waste.

We had the privilege of holding some baby goats that were just 24 hours old. The little triplets were not even sure how to get milk from the bottle yet. They were hungry and so cuddly.
There was curiosity in the children and the little kids as they met each other. The triplets had a mom that was not well so these kids were being bottle fed. We learned from our friend that goats will eat anything. They often will defend the flock. They will knock anything over and just cause all kinds of trouble if they are in your yard. They like to eat prize roses and any other pretty flowers or shrubs.
Each of us enjoyed our one time chance at holding these little babies. It was such a thrill. If only they would stay little, the children could enjoy their antics. When they are tiny, they are easy to hold and cuddle.  However watching other goats grow up and get into everything made us avoid the urge to take one home. Goats have such strong wills. When they set their mind to do something they keep trying no matter how hard it is. They are willing to crash their heads against another to get what they feel they need. Aggressiveness seems to just be a part of their nature. Years ago one of our children had a goat with horns at the zoo, butt him with his head. It hurt. This goat just wanted a hand full of food. There is a story in the Bible that uses goats as a symbol of two different individuals.
In one hour all this wealth has been laid waste. Revelation 18:17



Day after Jesus Comes

Many church services were held in the tent sanctuary. One of these tells us what is going to happen the day after Jesus comes.  The story has two goats in it. The Day of Atonement was a special clean up day. It was in the fall. It started at sunset on one day and ended the next sunset. Ten days before, everyone began to get ready. They went without food just eating bread and water so their minds would be clearer. They washed their clothes and did extra cooking and prayed that all sin would be removed from their hearts. They asked each other forgiveness for problems between them.

Several animals were sacrificed on The Day of Atonement,  before the main service could start. This all happened in the wilderness with Moses leading and Aaron his brother worked as the High Priest in God's tent.

Each person brought a lamb and placed their hands on its head and confessed their sins. The lamb was then taken and killed and burned.

 Other animals like calves were also brought for other things. It was a big day for cleaning away all the sins in the camp. The symbols pointed to the day Jesus would come and die for their sins. The blood of Jesus was symbolized by the blood in the sacrifices. The plan Jesus has is to clean up all sin forever. This Day of Atonement celebrated every year showed how He plans to do this.
 Two young goats were brought to the door. Lots were cast to pick one to represent Satan and the other to represent Jesus. Lots were cast by using two golden rocks. The selection was made. The one chosen to represent the Lord was killed and its blood taken in and placed on horns of altar of incense, in front of the curtain and seven times in front and on the ark in the most holy room.
After sprinkling the goat's blood on and in front of the ark seven times, the High Priest went out into the holy place and sprinkled some by the altar of incense. Then he went out to where the live goat remained by the door. This scapegoat represented Satan. The High Priest put all the forgiven sins on this baby goats head. (Lev. 16) Anyone who had unconfessed sins did not have his sins cared for by Jesus. 
Then the young goat was led out of camp into a distant wilderness. He had to wander out there all by himself till he died. There are so many prophecies packed into this Day of Atonement that were acted out each year. The more you study this, the more you will understand. This is just a brief overview of happening on that day.
There are different forms of punishment in a home for disobedience. One way that we do it is to have time sitting to think about the mistake. The time given is 5 minutes if five years old. It is 10 minutes if 10 years old and so on. 

Hopefully by the end of the time, the anger is gone and the child is thinking clearly. The goal is to help them be obedient and loving and kind. This time out gives time to feel sorry for the trouble and want to change. Then we pray together for God's help.

Satan gets 1,000 years of time out to think of all the evil he has caused. There will be no people on this earth during that 1,000 years. This is what is meant by binding him. He has nothing to do but think. Yet at the end of these thousand years all by himself, he has no change of heart. He still tries to take God's holy city when it is brought down from heaven at the end of the 1,000 years. Finally, there is fire. (REVELATION 20)

When the sun went down on the Day of Atonement, the sins had all gone out on the head of the baby goat. All the animals that had been killed and burned up had turned to ASHES. Everyone who had touched the animals washed.

ASHES are a description of how the wicked sinners who refuse God's love will look at the end of the world.

Malachi 4:3 And you will tread down the wicked: for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this says the LORD of hosts.

Leviticus 7:10 & 11   Take up the ashes which the fire has consumed with the burnt offering on the altar, and he shall put them beside the altar.  And he shall put off his garments, and put on other garments, and carry forth the ashes without the camp unto a clean place.

Read Revelation 20. It helps you understand this part of prophecy.
At the end of the world, God will clean up sin with fire just as it was done on the day of atonement in the Bible story of the sanctuary. All those who hate God, all who would be miserable in heaven will die. This would be awful if your best friend or one of your parents were in that fire.

Every day you can help God by trying to encourage your family and friends to ask Jesus into their hearts.

Every day you can help God by trying to encourage your family and friends to ask Jesus into their hearts.

Jesus will cry as He does what He promised to the wicked who refuse to be happy. They have turned away from His calls. He shed His blood to save us and defend us a the sacrificed goat to defend His flock. Then with His power He cleans up all sin. He is as aggressive as He needs to be at that point. He has done such a careful job that sin will never again happen. All people saved hate sin so much it will never be a temptation again.

All that will be left is ASHES. There will not be eternal burning fires. The fire will finish the work and then all that is left will be ashes.


In Mathew 13:47-50 Jesus told a parable that proves what He plans at the end of the world. Angels will come forth and sever the wicked from the good obedient people. The casting of the net is the preaching of the gospel. Both good and bad fish are gathered in the net which is the church. Both the parable of the tares and the parable of the net show that there is no probation after the judgment. When the work of the gospel is finished, there is a separation of the good and bad. Only those who cling to sin will be destroyed. God will do all He can to save people.
You can do many things now while there is time. You can go into the world about your home and to other countries to tell of the love of Jesus.

 In this way you can wipe the tears from the face of Jesus who wants to save the lost. There are many who don't know what it means that God loves them.

Who will tell them if you do not.

This gospel of the kingdom must be preached in all the world... and then shall the end come.

Promise God that you want to be ready to meet Him. You also want to tell thousands of others of His love. Ask Him to send you. Ask Him to turn your feet every day to help someone.

At the very end of this whole Day of Atonement, the High Priest came out and changed His clothes. He held up his hands and blessed the people. Our blessing will be a home in heaven.

I hope your name is recorded in the book of life and remains there forever. I hope to meet you.

Quiz     Put on your thinking cap now.

1. What character traits do goats have?

2. How are the goats chosen to either represent Satan or Jesus?

3. What happens to the blood of the goat that represents Jesus?

4. What is left at the end of the Day of Atonement? A- - - -

5. What will happen to the wicked at the very end of the 1,000 years?

6. Will there be any people here on earth during the 1,000 years with Satan during his time out?

7. What chapter of the Bible discusses this 1,000 years?

8. Where in the Bible does it talk about the Day of Atonement?

9. Will the fires of hell burn for ever and ever?

10. What can we do to cut down on the number of people left on Satan's team?

11. What happens to the goat that represents Satan?

12. Will sin ever happen again?

13. Whose team do you want to be on?