Cari Puffs

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While in Borneo (Sarawak) Joyce made these delightful puffs she called "Cari puffs". I asked for her recipe and it was given in a different format than America describes portions. I worked and worked on it till I came as close as possible to her delightful "Cari puffs". I bought a little plastic tool over there in Sarawak that they used to make these puffs.
Ingredients for the pastry part:

2 cups water

1 Cup sunflower seeds blended fine

1/3 cup oil  9-10 Tablespoons (olive oil)

1 C oats

2 tsp salt

Combine the above ingredients then slowly add 4 Cups stone ground whole wheat flour. Shape with puff maker. Place Rice and gluten strogenoff inside, close and place in hot oven for 20 minutes till golden brown.

Recipe makes 33 to 36 puffs.

Note: if you bake at hotter temp, there is a tendency to open and contents bubble out. Don't stuff pocket too full. It is easy to do.

The filling can even be a thickened fruit resulting as a pie. Cherry pie is great. Also pineapple pie. The pastry needs to have date pieces softened and blended into the puff and 1 tsp. less salt to make this turn out best.