Rescue Atempt

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A plaintive meow came from the black berry brambles as we stopped to look over a cliff to the amazing colliding rivers near Glide. Being the animal lover that she is, Jenny hurried over the guard rail and wanted to rescue the tiny kitten from falling over the cliff. She spoke softly and moved so slowly hanging onto the tree near by. Her mom was close by calling her back to safety.

She tried time after time to reach out to the little frightened kitten. It seemed someone had dumped it off. Wild animals or birds of prey might have this cute kitten for their meal.  These thoughts urged little Jenny to try harder. She advanced into the sharp thorns whimpering as she was stabbed by thorns. Yet nothing would change her determination to rescue this tiny little kitten. Her blond hair was jerked by the thorns as she moved forward.

The kitten was still unable to accept the rescue. Jenny was so close yet only touched the moist little nose of the kitten. 

Just when it seemed the kitten could go no farther without falling over the cliff Jenny moved in to gather in the kitten. It disappeared. It seemed it had fallen to it's death. Soon from a few feet away, the plaintive meow could be heard again. Jenny's brothers came to help. The kitten was totally frightened deeper into the shrubs. Then Jenny's dad joined into the efforts. How he wanted to relieve his daughter's tears. He did not really like cats but by a safe rescue, he could get all the children back to safety from the edge of the cliff.  For over two hours they worked as a team  trying to save the kitten. All risked their own lives to save the kitten who always kept just inches out of reach.

In sadness the rescuers gave up and went home for supper. One of Jenny's brothers remarked that the kitten acted just like some people do. They do not want to give their heart to Jesus. Jesus has many helpers out trying everything to rescue them but they refuse to be taken to safety.

The end of the world is the danger facing all people. Without Jesus and the hope of heaven, there is going to be ruin and disaster. So many are stubborn and just too frightened or too busy having fun to realize they are in great danger. They refuse to be rescued. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. We will not be afraid even when the mountains are removed and the ground trembles under our feet. Psalms 46.

Story and illustrations by Dr. Rose

Sept 2002