Cliff Climbers

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Godís Cliff Climbers

(based on 1 Samuel 14)

Jonathan and his armor bearer were men of faith. They were disappointed over the rest of God's people who were deserting the cause. Things looked very dismal. It looked so hopeless that many ran off to hide. But God had some brave men for this hour of crisis.

With prayer and determination, Jonathan and his armor bearer asked God for a sign. It was given by the mouth of the enemy.  When they made it obvious to the enemy where they were, they heard the invitation to come up where they were. That was the sign they had asked for right out of the mouth of the enemy.

Climbing up a very  difficult part of the  cliff, in a place all thought impossible to climb, they had to use both hands and feet. As they struggled, each advance effort was accompanied by a chant. "They are delivered into the hands of Israel." They surprised the enemy who thought that two more of the Hebrews have deserted and maybe had decided  to help the enemy side. They were totally shocked when they saw hundreds of men ready to fight. The earth began to tremble and shake as though hundreds of chariots were moving. It was the shock waves of  motion from heavenís army but they did not know it. The Philistine army became terrified as they saw the number dying on their side. They begin killing each other in the confusion.

Jonathan and his armor bearer knew that God was able to save by many or by few. They had a sign from God to move ahead in faith and as they moved, so did the whole army of heaven.

Jonathan's dad,  king Saul,  heard the noise and being acquainted with that familiar sound of two armies hard at each other, he looked around to see who was missing. I guess so many had deserted they had stopped keeping track. He knows of his son's faith and his absence was a big clue that he was up on the mountain fighting. It doesnít mention that anyone wondered if he had deserted.

Saul saw the enemy fleeing and  joined in the fight. With him were all the deserters. Just look at the influence of the two men with faith. They inspired a whole army to move out for God. 

It may seem like everything has gone wrong in your world. Maybe your home is split apart with mom and dad in different homes. Perhaps there is war inside your own homes. Just read your Bible, pray and do the things God inspires you to do and the armies of heaven will help. There is no task too large. Remember Jonathan and his armor bearer had a steep cliff to climb but they did it with Godís help determined to do Godís work. It might be that there are gangs on your street that frighten you. They are not nearly as big and strong as Godís army.